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Lipid clinic Hell!

The lipid clinic I attend is so completely dire! I arrived this morning after a cancellation appointment was offered to me over the phone on Wed. Appointment time 9.45. I got there for 9, as usually there is a massive que for bloods, today, no que and I went straight through. No organisation to be weighed and blood pressure taken and god forbid if you upset the staff who carry out this task. You are treated like idiots! By 10.30 I was ready to blow my top and walk out, I asked -again how long I would be waiting, gave my name for the third time and 5 minutes later I was called to see a registrar.

I explained that for the first time, ever I was tolerating 10mg Pravastatin but only if taken with Co q 10(30mg)+magnesium(150mg).

He informed me that my Cholesterol levels have dropped form 11.5 total to 7.9 and this drop is since I last had my bloods checked at the beginning of July.

He had never heard of using Co q 10 to help with side effects! Very strange, since the lipid clinic, last year advised me to try it!

They have now also said that it is not FH but another family gene and they want me to see the specialist nurse and start all over again with family tree, my daughter and family members to be re checked, is this Bizarre? Do you think records may have been lost?

The doctor has asked for me to try 20mg Pravastatin after this first month of 10mg has been finished. This will be interesting, if I have the slightest twinge I will be off them and asking for 10mg, better to take baby steps.

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Oh dear! I do know the feeling. In fact I did say to the consultant once "I'm not an idiot". My stock replies are now, "I used to be a nurse" and " I know how to do research properly" , that usually works.

There seems to be so much confusion about testing for FH. I'm not an expert, but your level of 11.5 is very high and enough on its own to suggest FH. My genetic test told me that DNA testing covers 95% of the genes responsible for causing FH in the UK.

Are they thinking of FCH (Familial Combined Hyperlipidaemia)...which is what I may have, although again not 100% sure. This is not caused by one gene but a combination of genetic and environmental factors and it does run in families.


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