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Drug Trials

I don't know if anyone else has been listening to the debate about Glaxo Smith Kline's historical practice for which they have been fined. John Humphries put on his most outraged voice it on the radio this morning saying "why don't the public know about this".

This is of interest to me because I take a lay woman's interest in all the statin trials and the way their data is presented, the cholesterol sceptics would say much better than it actually is.

I hope this debate runs on.

I would encourage anybody who has an adverse drug reaction from a statin to report it to the MHRA yellow card scheme, the more data from patients the better.

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It's not just statin trials, what about all the other drug trials that have been and still are going on? What about that dreadful business a few years ago when those poor students were sent to their untimely deaths because of a drug trial. Have you heard anything about what happened afterwards? Did the company go out of business or is it still business as usual!!!!!! We patients are beginning to ask questions and asking them LOUDLY!!! We want answers, we are no longer going to say "yes Doctor" and treat the man as a God. We want to know what we are putting into our bodies. Long may we do so!!

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How does one report it to the MHRA yellow card scheme?


Go to the main MHRA website which is and click on the Yellow Card button.

You don't have to register to report an adverse reaction to a drug, but I did and any member of the public can report, as it's us who are getting the side effects sometimes.

I reported when rosuvastatin 10mg gave me an asthmatic cough.


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