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Should I be taking Statins?

I'm a 65 year old female - don't smoke or drink and I'm not obese. However, my cholesterol level has always been on the high side and I am due for another check next week. My father was diagnosed with angina in his early fifties, had his first heart attack when he was 52 and died from heart disease at the age of 64. My health centre follow the guidelines for prescribing Statins, in that I am seen to be low-risk and therefore have not been prescribed them. However, I am concerned that, considering my family history, I should be taking them. What do you think?

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Thank you very much for your clear explanation. My last cholesterol level, six months ago, was 6.5 mmol/L, so it looks as though I will be continuing to follow my diet restrictions. I will discuss the situation more fully with my GP after the results of my next test and I'll read through the dietary fact sheets as you recommended. Thanks again.


I suppose also once you have been started on statins you generally have to take them for life, so it is a very big decision.

Maybe you could also try the plant stanol products and you can now buy them as a supplement. Good luck!


To be diagnosed with FH ( using the Simon Broome criteria), you have to have total cholesterol above 7.5 (for an adult) or LDL > 4.9 (for adult) and have visible tendon xanthomas in a 1st or 2nd degree relative (or have a DNA test to confirm). As your total cholesterol is below this, it's unlikely you would be diagnosed with FH.

To asses your actual risk - my GP uses the QRISK model ( ) - developed by the University of Nottingham. Risk is a funny thing. Typically you would only go on statins if your 10 -year risk was greater than 20%


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