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HI I have just been to the doctors as i have had severe pains in my throat for over a month and am now finding swallowing difficult. Her diagnosisi has suprised me somewhat she believes i may have ANGINA ?? I do have high cholesterol and have had for many years but my pulse and blood pressure are both normal. i have been prescribed three different types of statins and they give me kidney pains ......can anyone (A) explain how she came by this diagnosis....and (B) recommend any alternative medication to statins.....


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  • I was originally prescribed atorvastatin which had an adverse affect on my liver function, but then I was put on rusavastatin which was originally prescribed every other day, but I am now on a daily dose without any side affects. Hope that might help?

  • Also I would suggest you get your GP to refer you to your Local Hospital Cardio Dept and ask if you can have an echocardiogram and a angiogram to determine if there is a blockage or narrowing of the arteries in your heart. If there is you may be referred for an angioplasty to clear the blockage and have stents put in. Sounds daunting, but it could give you a second lease of life and it's not painful or that invasive.

  • thanks Mike ....much obliged

  • thanks Mike ....much obliged

  • Where ischemia occurs on the way to the brain there is the risk of stroke, as opposed to ischemia in the coronary arteries. This may have influenced the diagnosis.

    You might consider lifestyle changes that are effective in improving lipid profiles, such as controlling carbohydrate intake both in terms of quantity and quality.

  • I have a friend who has Familial Hyperlipidaemia - inherited high cholesterol. He swears by Vitamnin B3 Niacin (not to be confused with the non flushing nicotinamide which doesnt work. He takes a high dose 500mg/day and say it dramatically reduces choleterol within weeks.

    Side effects a burning flushing to the skin like stinging nettles but it only last 1/2 hour. Its a histamine reaction but the body becomes acclimatised over a few weeks. Can take anti histmine 1 hour beforehand to reduce the discomfort

    It can encourage gout in susceptible persons - check uric acid first, take allopurinol to clear the system.

    Why wont the NHS recognise this nearly harmless therapy - no profit for anyone?

    It cost £10 for 3 months, can buy on internet (Solgar). BTW Im not pushing this supplier, just where I got it

    Any other experiences?

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