Statins - all white now

I collected my repeat prescription for simvastatin yesterday and the brand of generic simvastatin had changed again - and these aren't pink like the TEVA and Meidrich ones I've been taking recently without problems. These pills are white, just like the ones that I was taking before when I came out in lumps (which I suspect was down to a non-active ingredient).

They only had white simvastatin tablets. I asked if they had any pink tablets and pharmacy staff opined that more and more tablets were going white, to reduce the amount of colourings. I know that some people can't cope with any colourings, but surely they could use natural colourings - and anyway, why do they have to keep messing with the composition? It works, we have to take relatively a lot so small changes are disruptive. Pick a recipe and stick with it as long as possible, please!

Not sure if I believe that more tablets are going white and thankfully I've got a pack of pinks left to take on my next trip away (if I get lumps, I want to be near my usual pharmacy and GP), but I'll keep you posted.

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  • I have't had white in them yet but am due a prescription. If you say they have a different affect you will probably be told it is all in your mind but some are definitely different when you are out on to the generic ones, but what do we know we are only the guinea pigs!

  • Try a different chemist to see if they have the brand you want (I presume you weren't told the ones you required were no longer available) or ask your chemist to get the ones you want as a special order. They might be able to do this. It might be that the pills which suit you actually come under the name of Zocor, in which case your GP should be able to issue your prescription with this name, meaning that the chemist is not allowed to give you anything else.

  • I'm inclined not to try a different chemist because this one has been very good, getting the others as a special order in the past, and the other local ones are the big chains where you tend not to see the same pharmacist twice in a row, but I may try them if I suffer problems with this white batch from a new-to-me manufacturer. The ones which suit me weren't Zocor but I admit I've not seen Zocor since simvastatin went generic: anyone know what Zocor 40 currently looks like?

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