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Which statin is best?


I know there is no right answer but curious for any advice.

I am on 20mg of simvasatin which I reluctantly went back on after a couple of years break. I know my consultant wanted me on a higher equivalent dose but we compromised :-)

He said he would rather me on a more modern version of statin and I am sure he will try again (I have not had my latest results until I see him next week). My problem is that i know the other versions work on different doses ie 10mg of another could be stronger than simvastatin 20mg!

My question is - if my levels are now more acceptable should I settle on 20mg of simvastatin or try one of the other versions that are supposed to have lesser side effects? Simvastatin does cause me side effects but I think I can tolerate them at the moment. Is there a statin that is more safer than an other?

Many thanks

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Not being a medic, I feel unable to comment on this but a Forum member recently told of how taking Soya Lecithin tablets had helped reduce his/her cholesterol level. I know the consultants prefer to prescribe drugs but for over twenty-five years I have taken Kyolic Garlic Tablets and, even though I have F.H., these have helped keep my levels down.

Every lipid consultant I have spoken with has assured me that there is no proof that these work. My level first dropped from 7.2 to 5.2 in twelve months. When I came off them (at the consultant's advice) my levels went up. I started again and they came down.

When I reached the menopause and could not keep my levels down I started to take statins - which worked and gave me no side effects. When my levels rose again and my doctor wanted to increase my dose, I went back on my Kyolic. I now take both and feel that it is my body, my condition and I am in control.

HEART UK - the cholesterol charity - will be able to supply you with information on the various statins and how they work.

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It sounds like Kyolic is worth a try. I will try and get some very soon. Thank you.

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Hope it works for you. There seem to be no side effects even - like some garlic oils - no smell in your body sweat or breath.

If you can get to the HEART UK AGM in Bristol in July, you will get chance to talk to other patients and world expert lipidologists. I can highly recommend it. I always return home having learned something new.

Hi there,

This is my understanding having tried 4 statins!

Pravastatin and simvastatin are the "oldest" statins, not so powerful so you need a higher dosage. 40mg simvastatin is the "standard" dose. They are now generic, absolutely nothing wrong with that (mother in law equates generic with being sub standard!).

Atorvastatin (brand name Lipitor) and rosuvastatin (brand name Crestor) are newer versions and more "potent" so you need a lower dose. I was on 10mg Lipitor. This is now off patent so you get generic atorvastatin.

Crestor is still on patent, and I have seen it described as "the gorilla statin" as it is more potent or better at lowering your cholesterol. I think I am right in saying the lowest dose is 5mg, my GP put me on 10mg which gave me a terrible asthmatic cough, but other people tolerate it fine.

Some statins are hydrophilic and some lipophilic, but I can't remember which!

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That is great info and very helpful. Thank you.

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simvastatin = lipophilic (fat soluble)

pravastatin = hydrophilic (water soluble)

in the few days I was considering taking a statin I was only prepared to use pravastatin, the side effects seem less than simvastatin HOWEVER pravastatin seems to be one of the worse statins for memory problems

Anyway I changed my mind after my first visit to the lipid clinic, I suppose I was lucky, in a strange way to have such a rude and useless consultant - he made me determined not to take a statin.

If you are having side effects from your statin they may be reduced by taking co-enzym Q10 but it is not available on prescription and is quite expensive.


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Yep, taking 200mg already. These are what are making the statins bearable. I am convinced CoQ10 make a huge difference. Thanks


Which statin is best?. It depends on the individual!

Have tried not to take station for two years. Life style change and going to the gym did not help, gave in and I am on statin for three weeks!!.Did check on Google, went to Boots and got a list of statin for HNS, checked on Google again. Dosage and type depends on the person, age, medical condition and blood test results. Am waiting for liver function test and later on blood test for cholesterol. There is weight gain, over the last three weeks have gained weight.

With Simvastatin we know it has many side effects, as it has been around for over 20 years. We still need more time to truly know the side effects to the new ones. Is it better the devil you know? At least with Simvastatin I know what I am looking out for!


From a conversation I had with a pharmacist, simvastatin is the cheapest on the market therefore the statin of choice for GPs, try that first and if the side effects are intolerable then try the next cheapest!!....my cynical view is that the pharmaceutical companies are making millions out of keeping us sick...statins have been around for a long time but so has the evidence of the damage they can do.....it's a very difficult one but for me I prefer (perhaps) a shorter but much pleasanter life.


none of them!

Simvastatin and now atorvastatin are cheap because they are off patent and any company can now make them. Crestor is incredibly expensive because it's still under patent.

Generic drugs save the NHS lots of money so they can spend it on worthwhile things, which doesn't include putting everybody over 55 on statins!

I was following the instructions of two doctors for two years, first taking Simvastatin and after Pravastatin, my stomach was bloated and I had different kind of problems Insomnia, fatigue, bad taste in my mouth when I wake up in the morning and gastroesophageal reflux.

when I tried to leave the statins my cholesterol went up

until I knew about one diet of an indu cardiologist his name is Kota Reddy

No white bread, no starch in my food, no white rice, no potatos, no pizza, no beans, no sugar, no cow milk, no cheese, i started to do more workout and eat vegetables, salads, some fruits, quinoa, chia seed, flax milk, wild rice, bread of sprouted grains, plain yoguth, some cereals like granola, but no all granolas they have to much sugar, drinking a lot of water.

In one month I did my lipid panel tests, and my cholesterol levels are fine.

i couldn't believe it was true, only diet and exercises works !

I eat red meat once at week and white meat chicken, fish, Salmon, turkey, egg beaters

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