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Please help my mother she is 60years last week she fell on the floor twice then her left leg and arm become numb she couldn't walking

Now she rimping she can't walk properly she is not feeling pain but her leg is weak, she went to hospital they said it was stroke gave only aspirin, do you think she will ever be better start walking again now she walking. But she can't go far please help anything we can do for her to walk again

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She should be offered some rehabilitation/physiotherapy to improve her mobility. Speak to her GP.


Cheer up, something similar happened to me , it hit left side arm and leg (didnt see gp) as though they couldnt do anything. Leg improved in few days, arm took time with dressing and eating but very very slowly improved. So dont worry just you see it will settle down. The asprin is what I have now to thin blood. So get advice from gp about mobility. A shock for you all but you wil be fine so cheer up.


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