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Got another cholesterol test but at a chemist fingerprick one today as I was worried about my cholesterol results from 4 weeks ago so got this done at the chemist as my doctor would repeat the bloods as it had only be one month since my bloods and my total cholesterol 4 weeks ago was 5.5 now only 4 weeks later it is 3.5 but the chemis test don’t show full profile but my hdl has gone from a Healthy 1.4 down to 0.5 in 4 weeks am worried about this but I don’t no weather the chemist tests are reliable because after I had done the test they said the machine was very old and they don’t no how right the readings were so only charged me half price very worried

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It is possible the machine at the chemist needs calibrating. You can but a cholesterol testing for home use, not expensive.

Please do not worry, just wait for your next NHS, GP blood tests.

Take a look at the link below for home testing machines:

Good luck.

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Khhhh in reply to sandybrown

It did have a sticker on the back saying do not use after 23/03/21 I asked the lady she said don’t worry about that means nothing

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sandybrown in reply to Khhhh

I am afraid the lady is incorrect. Most electronic kit, food and medication all have a date saying do not use after this date. There are many reasons for it.

I have a Kernel multi check device, there are three test strip, cholesterol do not use after 09/2021, uric acid and blood glucose 03 /2022. I purchased this device to test uric acid.

If I want to do cholesterol ,I need to buy new blood test strip for cholesterol.

So fr I have not used as I managed to get NHS uric acid test six months ago.

Take care.

I thought it seems strang for my levels to drop that low that quick only been 4 weeks since my full blood count and the finger test today and the difference was massive I think it’s gave wrong results

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DakCB-UK in reply to Khhhh

Levels can drop within a few weeks... but in this case, the expired test equipment makes me suspect it is a misread.

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