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New to hear just had a full blood count all was good except my cholesterol which they say is minimally high attached photo of results just wanting to no best things to do and are these really bad results thanks

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Doesn't look bad to me! If it were worryingly high, they would have put you on a medication called statins, which lower it. Try eating more nuts and seeds, and maybe oatmeal twice a week or so, but I shouldn't worry too much.

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Khhhh in reply to mrsredboots

Thanks good to know I can’t help but worry am a worrier 😕

hehehe... I'd love results like that without meds! I think it's so close to OK that you should be able to deal with that with a whole foods / med diet and some more regular exercise... and maybe some trick foods: do you eat oatbran and those cholesterol-lowering drinks?

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I have started I really good diet pass 10 days and I drink those drinks every moring with a green tea few times a day I also swapped to brown bread and completely cut sugar and salt out and eating lots of fruits and fish I have took these results to a whole new level I I now walk twice a day and walk everywhere I need toGo haha I have really change the way I live and eat

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DakCB-UK in reply to Khhhh

Sounds like you're doing well. I was told those drinks have most effect with a main meal but that might be wrong!

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Your only bad figure is your LDL cholesterol which should be 3.0 or below. This in turn pushes up the non-HDL and total cholesterol. Hopefully your lifestyle changes will help you hit the mark.

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Khhhh in reply to Mike4550

Hopefully think so thanks

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