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Oatmeal and Cholesterol

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Sorry that post was so short. I am wondering if the oatmeal hype is true. I am not a big fan of the way it tastes. I would much prefer to eat a whole grain fiber muffin for breakfast. I will keep eating it if it really important in lowering cholesterol or if any other high fiber is just as effective will make the switch. Thanks for any info.

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I def. believe oat bran is one the most important things used to reduce cholesterol. My husband had a blood test 3 months ago. His LDL was 3.1 and the dr said to him if you continue eating in the way you do now you won't be able to reach age 40! So he is young so we didn't expect him to have such a high ldl level. Anyway We changed his diet. I cooked muffins with oatbran( appl, banana,cinnamon),packed his lunches everyday (chicken breast salads with quinoa or wholewheat pasta with tuna.. etc.) in the mornings we started to porridge with oat bran. We basically used oat bran with everything you could imagine. Also the other thing we did was he was eating 3 walnut everyday. 2 minths after following a diet as mentioned above we went to the dr and got his blood test done again. His cholesteol levels were perfect. LDL 2.3, HDL 1.8.

We were very happy and realised that especially walnut and oat bran really works even in such a short period of time. At least they worked for us.

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Concerned in reply to Merwe

Always assuming lowering cholesterol is healthy healthunlocked.com/choleste.... ?

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thank you! for your reply. Ok I will keep at it ...

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You could have a look at alternatives like barley, quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice.

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thank you. just read soluble fiber cleans the arteries (oatmeal) where insoluble fiber cleans the digestive track (wheat bran)...I guess good to have both.

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Fibre is critical to good health and low cholesterol, naturally. Oatmeal is one of the best sources of fibre. There's no such thing as a healthy, store-bought muffin - they are full of sugar and fat, regardless of how they are advertised. If you make them at home, you have to make them without sugar and butter if you want to make them healthy.

I eat Post 100% All Bran cereal, with a little bit of organic goat milk, or almond milk, covered with a cup of fresh blueberries.


If you want lower cholesterol and have good overall health, you should have either the oatmeal or the all-bran cereal.

If you can manage to have a bowl in the morning and before bedtime - it's that much better for you.

Try using cinnamon and fresh berries to perk up the taste and just a very, very, very light drizzling of honey. Consider it natural medicine.

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I can't abide oatmeal but I have been soaking oats overnight in water and having them with Greek yoghurt and compote every morning. Without any other changes my total cholesterol has dropped from 7 to 6 in 3 months - no idea if that is good or not but I am heartened by the change and will continue to force the stuff down.

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I love a plate of porridge in the morning, I add dried fruit to mine, just whatever I have in the house. xx

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Most people eat oatmeal as a "porridge" - I now never cook mine but sometimes just bring them to the boil with minimum liquid and then leave them for a few minutes off the stove as I get on with what will accompany them. In the past I have usually eaten them "sweet" but am now enjoying them as a savory breakfast or lunch. This morning I did them with some curry powder and put avocado on top . A couple of days ago I had them as a lunch with avocado and poached egg on to .

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Oatmeal is a cholesterol killer. I use it every day. with coq10. and 10 mg of lipitor daily. I am out of the danger zone. I must mention that I use the treadmill for 45 mins. daily.

My total cholesterol is now 157 down from 232

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