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Need advice please

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Hi, Recently moved house, and changed Dr's. Had a phone call from them Usually face to face , but due to covid, phone call. I was told that in 2018 I had a blood test that showed I had high cholesterol. I was never told that. I knew I had put weight on the last year. Thought due to not going on long walks etc last year. When started going out more this year, realised it was hard walking very far. Since talking to Dr,and a nurse, realised why. Still going for walks, but not so far as used to.

Have been sent details by the nurse, of what is best to eat,and what to avoid.I am on Atorvastatin. 20mg, 1 a day. Have to have a blood test end August/September. I have lost a few lb's weight, so that's a good start I hope.

Butcould do with advice from people who have the same problem.

I'm also on the Thyroid page, as hypo thyroid.

Thanks for reading this.

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How high is too high?I was told mine was too high a few years ago and was put routinely on statins. Long story really but end result was that I ended having a 3D heartscan which showed my arteries being completely clear. The specialist told me to come off all heart drugs which was great.

Got other issues that made me realise that loosing weight was very beneficial. So I started on the intermittent fasting diet which entails only eating between certain hours. I chose to eat between about 12 noon and 7pm plus I cut out eating bread (well not entirely as I love it but mostly). This has resulted so far in loosing just short of 2 stone. I was not massively overweight but knew that to be in with a chance of beating my spinal hassle loosing weight to my ideal weight would be preferable. I want to loose another stone and then I am happy.

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