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Hi everyone am 39 years old my cholesterol is high and am very active person

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High!!, is how high.?

If you can provide al the lipid numbers, weight, height, waist and diet information members can comment.


Activity and exercise are necessary, but insufficient components of a healthy lifestyle. There's an axiom in the wellness industry - 'you cannot outrun a bad diet'.

There are three items for you to consider.

1) Exercise is like any drug - dosage is critical. The law of diminishing marginal returns applies to exercise. Anything beyond 40 minutes of intensive cardiovascular exercise on a daily basis, is fruitless. The benefits level off and beyond a certain point you can actually cause damage. When the body is overworked it creates an inflammatory state including within your heart and arteries which cause microtears and other damage. The body's immune response includes a repair process that triggers increased levels of cholesterol.

Consider reading about this and listening to this podcast by renowned US cardiologist James O'Keefe: peterattiamd.com/jamesokeefe/

2) In addition, excessive exercise taxes the body's capacity to quench free-radicals triggered by the inflammatory state. Vitamin C is essential and for those who exercise excessively need more vitamin C than others, more than is available from food. A liposomal form of vitamin C can help you get the amounts you need. I take 2,000 mg of this form of vitamin C daily. Read more here: livonlabs.com/liposome-scie...

3) Finally, a healthy diet is essential - the Mediterranean Diet is sustainable over the long-term and provides the right balance between plant-based food and animal protein. Learn more here: mayoclinic.org/healthy-life....

I also encourage you to read my pinned post to the right of this page titled: 'How I Conquered Heart Disease...'

Good luck!

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