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"New" non-statin lipid lowering drug?


In Australia, we don't get much TV advertising for drugs (unlike the US where it is rampant!) - but advertising for a drug called RAYDEL ( Policosanol ) has started. I note that the Company uses the word "may" when promoting it's product (this should always be read as "may - or may not" . This study has some good things to say about it. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/118... Personally I have now got my cholesterol under control (with no apparent side effects) with daily dose of 20mg CRESTOR and 10mg of EXETIMIBE , but perhaps this drug may be of interest to others here?

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Is this prescription medication or OTC medication?

Any known side effects?

OTC - Google it - doesn't seem to have any known side effects.

I’ve been researching it too in the UK and it appears to work. Extracted from sugar cane and/or rice bran. No known side effects. The medical profession won’t endorse it as it’s a food supplement not a drug. I do think the medical profession is slightly obsessed with cholesterol. My husband, who has a very good low BP and a 4.7 cholesterol level, has been told by the GP that he’ll probably need to go on statins because he’s 72, and this puts him over the 10% risk (22%) of having a heart attack/stroke in the next 10 years according to the qrisk3 algorithm used by GPs to determine your health! So it’s not how healthy you are but your age which you can’t do anything about. He’ll refuse the statins thank you!

I am 72, I tried statin for three months and refused repeat prescription! This is because my total cholesterol came down to 2.8, human body needs cholesterol for healthy living. As we age statin may not be necessary.

JBS3, apart from the % number there are a lot of other information, a GP can input

different blood test numbers to explain what needs to be done to get a lower % number. one in 100 or 20 in 100 or what ever this calculated number may not be the best way of looking at life, the algorithm may not be accurate.

I did Internet testing during the development of JBS2.

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