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Anybody here with high cholesterol/artherosclerosis (calcified hardening of arteries) - also has macular degeneration (eyes) problem??


Went to get what I thought was a need for new glasses - only to find myself redirected to an opthmologist to tell me I have macular degeneration which will require injections into the eye. ( I don't even like putting eye drops in!! :) ) It appears that there is a connection between high cholesterol, diabetes (which I don't have) , high blood pressure ( which I also don't have) and macular degeneration. I am aware that calcification of heart arteries is related to calcification of veins in eyes - but my macular degeneration seems to be what they call WET degeration caused by a liquid buildup behind the retina. Something like that anyway !!

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Hi My family has a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol, my father also developed wet macular degeneration. My advice would be to get whatever treatment you can straight away, as it progresses very quickly. My father waited too long as he was very squeamish.

Please take a look at this link to learn ore on this subject:

Do you know your level of VitD ? - the above article explains the possibility of there being a connection. There are also many links to Research papers about this very issue.


I don't have this condition. Here's what I found on the internet:

"Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. If you need to lose weight, reduce the number of calories you eat and increase the amount of exercise you get each day. Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and controlling your diet.

Choose a healthy diet. Include fruits, leafy greens, nuts and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon.

Take certain nutritional supplements.If you have intermediate or advanced macular degeneration, taking supplements with high levels of vitamins C and E, zinc and copper may reduce the risk of vision loss, the American Academy of Ophthalmology says. Ask your doctor if taking supplements is right for you."

Note the dietary and supplement regiment recommended. Have you eliminated sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diet?

Good luck.

Another link you can read for more information:

Do you have elevated HDL?, but not high cholesterol!

Bazza1234 in reply to sandybrown

Don't smoke, not overweight , no high blood pressure - but I do have AMD in the family (mother) . I think it is another matter of genetics - much the same as high cholesterol

It seems that I don't have Macular Degeneration as such - but Macular Oedema caused as a result of a blockage in my retinal vein, This blockage (most probably caused by cholesterol) has caused a fluid leakage behind my macular causing loss of fine vision plus hemorrhaging of the fine branch veins in the eye. My GP wanted me to get my cholesterol levels down when I was diagnosed with calcium hardening of my heart arteries and I did go onto a low level of statins CRESTOR because my good diet, active physical exercise programme, good blood pressure, non smoking, was not doing the job!! I had heard that artheroscerosis could affect the eyes but I did not have that problem did I !! - but now I have!!! Off to my GP on Saturday to discuss some higher level of statin. I don't mind dying of a heart attack ( which I don't think will happen because my low resting heart rate tells me that my heart is strong) - but going blind because of excess cholesterol is beyond the pale!!

sandybrown in reply to Bazza1234

Was there any photo taken at the back of your eye test? If any photo was taken during your eye test and any explanation given? I am learning a lot from your post, thank you.

Cholesterol can block any part of human body!

Bazza1234 in reply to sandybrown

Yes - this was taken by the optometrist who then referred me onto an opthamologist (who seemed to show little interest in it). The Opthomologist seem to have their own measuring equipment . You really have to compare this pic with a pic of my good eye - you can see all the little blood hemorrhages caused by the blockage of the main vein in the bad eye . Dr Google seems to say that there are a number of risk factors for blockage of the retinal vein - none of which I have except for the high cholesterol. I am sure that initially the optomotrist told me that the swelling of the macular had caused the vein blockage ( however I may be mistaken as it was all rather traumatic on the day) but the opthamologist is saying the oedema is secondary to the blockage . I will see my GP on the weekend as he has an interest in the cholesterol

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