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cholestrol results

advice wanted on conflicting cholestrol blood fasting test. I am a woman of 55 years. Total cholestrol: 307mg/dl. Ldl cholestrol: 193mg/dl. Hdl cholestrol. 100.mg/dl. Triglycerides. 71 mg/dl. Should this be cause for concern as although total and ldl cholestrols are high, hdl is also high, ie: good and tgs. low, ie; good. seems to be conflicting results - anyone got any advice please?

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USA Guide lines for cholesterol according to the Internet.:

All values are in mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter).

Total cholesterol Less than 200. (307mg/dl.)

HDL 40 or higher. (100.mg/dl)

LDL Less than 100. (193mg/dl)

Triglycerides Less than 149 (71 mg/dl.)

The question is the reason for blood lipid test? You need to ask for a risk analysis and full explanation.

What bout you blood pressure, blood glucose and general health?

If you are not offered medication, a life style change and regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.


Thankyou Sandy, I had the test done at a chemist as thought it was a good idea to check on my cholestrol levels. I am very fit, doing strength training, swimming etc., I eat healthily and weigh 51kg (which suits my build) BMI 19.9. Blood pressure, blood glucose and general health all good. Seem strange results


I am no expert so can't comment on your results but I had similar readings as in my lol was high and my total cholesterol was also high. My triglycerides were normal and the hdl was high, my blood pressure is normal and I am generally fit and healthy and not on any medication.

Because my total cholesterol was so high I was referred to a lipid specialist who told me I had post menopausal hypercholstranemia (I am 56) and that I should redo my bloods in 5 years time and stop worrying about my cholesterol levels.

Don't know if this may be what is happening to you?.... Maybe worth checking out with your own GP if this was just a chemists test.

Hope this helps.

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Read my post below to learn how to deal with your lipid results. In a nutshell, cut out sugar and all simple carbs, exercise for 30 minutes daily, and take at least 3,000 mg of Vitamin C daily.


Also read this:


Good luck!


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