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Ct angiogram

Hi people I had a ct angiogram last year and the doctor said my arteries are clear and there's no sign of blockages. I also had a 24hr heart monitor. Xrays . Blood tests and countless ecgs and everything came back normal. Should I still be wired of I get pain or should i take there would for it? As I've heard the ct angiogram are really good in ruling out heart disease.



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Your GP or doctor has access to your medical records therefore they are the best people to offer advice. Any one on this site may also offer from their experience as well.

You get pain then the best place is A&E!

What type of 24-hours heart monitor did you have? did the specialist or your GP discuss the finding, my wife had one, this device was attached to the chest near the heart. The data from the monitor is fed to a computer, graphs are drawn and discussed. This new method is a lot better than the old one, the only problem is you have 2 visits to the hospital, to put the device and to remove the device after 24 hours!

I did do a post on the device, I am afraid it has been deleted by me because of political correctness!

I do not know why a (x ray) was done, may be you can explain tis to us.

How is your general health? Food intake control and regular exercise?

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I assume the X-ray was a chest X-ray looking at the lungs, to check for pulmonary issues that may have been causing the pain.

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An angiogram is an invasive procedure that comes along with risks. This test should only be done when necessary when you are presenting with symptoms that indicate a possibility of heart disease. In light of your excellent results, you are unlikely to require another one for many years, if ever again.


As David had CT angiogram I was looking for more information.

Therefore this below question was put to Google:

"What is the difference between conventional and CT coronary angiography?"

An excellent answer can be found on this link:


Here's an edited shorter version of the documentary WidowMaker. You can buy the full length documentary via the usual methods.

Look up the YouTube channel of Ivor Cummins. And Ivor's website The Fat Emporer.



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