Hi there,

Can anyone tell me what to expect when I attend the lipid clinic?

My doctor said my cholesterol was 9 and put me onto 10 mg of Lipitor per day.

It went down to 7 after a week but she wasn't happy and told me she was referring me to the hospital.

My Mum had high Cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I also have high blood pressure.

Any info would help.



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  • Thank you so much Traci.

    I'm a bit more relaxed about it now.



  • Please ask you doctor to explain how long one has to wait for blood test to check if the medication is working to lower cholesterol. Two point reduction in one week, how many points reduction in one month. You GP needs to give time for cholesterol to come down on statin medication.

    You can pay £10.00 at some chemists to check cholesterol numbers. In some chemists it is free. It is worth going for a quick blood cholesterol check.

    How long have you been on 10 mg of Lipitor per day?

    When is your lipid clinic appointment?

    You can consider life style change, regular exercise and food intake control as these can help towards a healthy life style.

    You can ask your doctor for a NHS health check as well. Also ask for a print out of your blood test to keep it for records to compare with future bold tests.

    You can also look for blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol numbers every six months and keep a record of it.

  • I've been on Lipitor since April this year.

    My appointment is on 14th September.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will take it all on board.


  • Had a look at my records. Over the years the total cholesterol went from 5.6 to 6.6. I was given statin and it came down to 2.8.

    Human body needs cholesterol and also the side effect of statin, in my case difficulty in doing day to day activities therefore gave up statin.

    Last test total cholesterol 5.8.

    GP want me on statin but I am not interested in lowering my total cholesterol. Only time will tell.

  • I was on Simvastatin quite a few years ago. They were horrible!

    My legs were swollen and I ached everywhere.

    I couldn't walk the length of myself. Awful dizziness too. Eventually the doctor listened to me.

    She thought they were causing liver problems and took me off them.

    This time it's Lipitor and only 10mg per day.

    My legs have swollen a bit but I don't feel half as bad as before with the Simvastatin.

    I dread to think what they are going to discover!

    But, as you say, only time will tell.


  • As a rough rule of thump, 10mg of Lipitor (atorvastatin) is like 20mg of Zocor (simvastatin)

  • Wow a total cholesterol of 2.8 is far too low!! Like you said cholesterol is vital for every cell in our body especially our brain. Mine has reduced to 4.6 from 7.6 using atorvastatin...but I want to get it checked again soon because I really don't want it any lower than that. I'm 33 but higher cholesterol in ppl over 60 has been associated with greater longevity. I commend you for making the decision right for you not just taking the prescription.

  • Please read the information on this site:

    Very interesting on the length of time required to lower cholesterol on medication.

  • Hello Millie.

    you should get a letter explaining a bit more, including whether you need to fast or not. You probably will have to a for a blood test/urine test unless you're an insulin dependent diabetic.

    i've been to three lipid clinics and they seem to vary a lot in what happens, so it depends where you go really.

  • Yes I did get a letter.

    I have to fast and bring a urine sample.

    I guess I'm scared of what they will find.

    My mum had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and had two heart attacks.

    She died when she was 73. She never really got over the heart attacks.

    Thanks for the info.



  • Hi Carol

    Unless you've got obvious signs like Xanthomas (cholesterol deposits as described by Traci earlier) they proably won't give you a definite diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia on the spot.

    FH isi initially diagnosed using the Simon Broome criteria.

    These are the guidelines your doctor will use.

  • For more information on comparison please have a look at this link:

  • Thank you for all your help.

    It is much appreciated.


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