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Would you believe Shake Weight to away my shoulder pain from statins?

I went from Simviatatin, to Crestor, to Lipitor for 2+ years. Depending on my insurance. Then my doctor changed to Atorvistatin. If not for a pharmist who warned me of the serious side effects. I would have continued to suffer in silence. I started experiencing shoulder pain and memory loss.

After stopping Atorvistatin, I no longer have shoulder pain. (Previously diagnosed as frozen shoulder and memory loss as "old person diesease".) I do have significant muscle loss. Strangely enough I slowly recalled my son (memory coming back after quitting the drug) had suffered tennis elbow years back when playing varsity tennis. He had used shake weight to balance both his arms so he wasn't lopsided. I picked up the dusty book weight and used it. After just one sesh (I couldn't do the full 6 mins.) I have no pain. And I have greater range of motion. I can lift my arm straight up without the other hand propping it up. (I can now apply deodorant without help. Lol. Pretty soon I can shave.) Seems like a small miracle to me. So I wanna share it on every forum.

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excellent well done!


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