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Horrific pain 24/7

My name is Sandra in 72 years of age a breast cancer survivor for six years discharged last year in total 24/7 agony in all my joints and bones the to letrozole i have also been on arimidex and exemerstane all with extremely bad side effects I only go out once a week to get my food shopping in the local supermarket my car is my legs can't walk more than 50 yards without stopping with the pain I have just been out on altorvastatin for 7.5 cholestral which has added to the pain and I already need a top replacement but the cancer came as I was about to get it sorted I have now put weight on with not being able ho get about which i know doesn't help as I also have rheumatoid arthritis my doctor is hopeless everytime I go it's a different go I really can't carry on like this

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try hydrotherapy course on NHS get your doctor to refer you asap water is soothing#

good luck

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Don't take statins - they're poison and attack your muscles. High cholesterol is not dangerous!

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Boy! you got that right! Only 2 days I have taken Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets ..1 tablet 20 mg. Within 1/2 hour my upper back started to hurt and then I could feel it go into my hips and all night I was sore. My heart palpitations came back as well. I had a slight pain in my left side and my lower jaw felt tight. I usually have 2 to 3 good bm every day, but these last 2

I ended up on this and baby asprin b/c I just (2 days ago) had an TIA. My second one . 2016 Jan 5 and now again 2017 Jan 3. The doctor said that my cholesterol was high. The bp was 153/86 for a while and she (dr) was going to put me on bp med,but then my BP came down to 137/76 so she didn't. I tried to find out why she put me on this Atorvastatin, but she was vague about it. Up to now, I don't take any meds. I was doing a good diet of fruits and veggies and fish, and dairy, but, slipped off it recently and was eating white potatoes, beef, more than 3 cups of coffee. and eating sugary things like carmel popcorn.

Anyway, I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days, but, I'm going to tell her I'm not taking Atorvastatin any more. Since it is a blood clot that causes stroke, I should be able to whip this with food. (good food :)


Eliminate all sugars and simple carbohydrates in your diet. Look up the Pritikin diet online and start following it. You must find a way to start moving again in order to help your body heal. Consider having a friend take you to swimming classes.


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