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New here and concerned about statins


Hi, I am new here my cholesterol reading is 6.8 I have been taking plant sterols with omega 3 for over 3 years and whilst my cholesterol has dropped from 7.4 to 6.8 my doctor wants me to go on statins. I am worried about the side affects. Also a concern of mine is that I have tried to lose weight, need to lose about 15kgs,. But being menopauseal nothing appears to work. I used to be so fit and healthy, trained 6 times a week etc, my only vice which has probably caused this was smoking which I have now stopped since January this year. I am now sitting here thinking what else can I do. I am thinking of giving the statins a go. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I took Statins and had side effects so stopped taking them lost 2 stone and mine dropped to an acceptable level of 5. I also stopped smoking

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Thank you, I need to tackle the weight issue and make the lifestyle changes. It is good to hear positive outcomes.

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Its simple it about portion control, what you eat and exercise. I lost 35kg and it was only motivation. Just tell your doctor you don't want statins if you don't want to take them. BUT you then have to change a bit to make sure you are doing the right things. Only you can do this. Not suppliments and waffle just motivation and DOING the right things.

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Thank you, and yes as you and others have said only I can do this, and do this I shall.

Well , you did good action when you begun lifestyle modification having exercise and physical activity in a moderate one , eating diets plenty of fruits and vegetables is the first priority . Secondly according to the Statins taking , Statins now is widely using as medicine for cholesterol and some diabetes conditions On the other side it has numerous benefits in reducing these diseases . So Don't hesitate to take Sta tins and be morally free from stress as now you are going to join new habit of living .

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Thanks, I will give the statins and make the lifestyly chamges, and monitor progress. I have to try all options.

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hi reidyp be careful if you take statins if you start to have any side effects stop right away please . I have tried 4 statins being told they just had to find the right ones I had lots of side effects including muscle loss which I am trying to right still after 2 years of not taking statins .

I take 3 plant sterol tablets daily , 1 opti omega daily ,lecithin granules, vitamin D ,llysine tablet these are all daily and I take 1 vitamin k2 mk7 100mcg daily to repair damage to my arm muscle from statins which is nearly 100% back to normal now .

my cholesterol was 12.1 it is now 5.3 without statins ,with all of the above and a low fat low sugar diet and excersise

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reidyp, I totally agree with suki65

Whilst most people have no side effects on statins

About 1% of people, despite stopping statins, have Side effects, which are almost always muscle problems, that NEVER go away

Kept away from statins please

suggestion - Why not try a vegan diet? ( as I do)

as there is NO cholesterol in a.Vegan diet,

Then the liver makes just the right amount of cholesterol for your needs

My cholesterol is 2.9


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The same questions I ask:

what was the reason for cholesterol blood testing?

Do you have all the blood test numbers.

Did the GP explain to you about JBS2 risk calculation?

A GP need to look at general health and all the blood numbers, BP, blood cholesterol and blood glucose.

Life style change, regular exercise, watching out for hidden sugar and free sugar, portion control are all important for a healthy life. Green leaf veg and three tomato a day can help as well.

The important number test is the waist to height ratio as there is only one variable and no man made formula is involved, Google can offer more information on this.

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Reason for blood test was general check up, I have been under a lot of stess this year. I am going back to the GP in two weeks so will ask for a full breakdown of the results and numbers etc. Thank you for your resply.

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try downloading headspace this helps me lots sit for 10 mins every day when its peaceful and listen to headspace give it 2 days and you will feel la difference


Read my post 'Coming Off Statins'. In a nutshell, 'PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE'.

You must start exercising daily; the easiest way is to simply walk for 10 minutes. Build up to 60 minutes per day. It can be broken up into 3 x 20 minute sessions, 4 x 15 minute sessions, 6 x 10 minute sessions, or 2 x 30 minutes, or 1 x 60 min.

Next you must consume foods that 'reduce cholesterol' - fibre rich foods like beans, chick peas, and lentils. A daily salad made of arugula or spinach with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Eat plain almonds daily, about 10 pieces, also walnuts and pecans are good for lowering cholesterol. Have almond butter for breakfast (just like peanut butter but made from almonds). Use only organic, unsweetened and unsalted almond butter or peanut butter. Almond butter has a slight edge from a health perspective.

Have breakfast cereal like Post 'All Bran' which you can eat on its own with blueberries or sprinkle on another low-sugar cereal. Try goat milk it is less likely to clog your arteries compared to cow's milk.

Eliminate simple carbohydrate foods such as sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice, potatoes. Introduce in small quantities and frequency - complex carbohydrate foods such as whole 'grain' bread, whole wheat or 'spelt' pasta, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Don't like the taste of whole wheat pasta? Too bad, you're sick and it is medicine, learn to eat these things.

Eliminate soft-drinks, only drink pure unsweetened fruit juice and dilute it with sparkling water (it is still tasty). Alcohol - one glass of red wine per day and nothing more. No hard liquor, beer once a week. Fruit juice is still high in natural sugars so you must dilute. Best juices to drink blueberry, tart cherry, pomegranate, orange juice (always diluted 3 parts sparkling water, 1 part juice).

No desserts, period.

Dairy products - no ice cream, no cream, use low fat cheeses or switch to goat milk cheese products like Greek feta which are much lower in fat than cow's milk products like cheddar.

Don't go back to smoking, you're asking for trouble.

Egg whites are high in protein, low in calories and have NO cholesterol. Make an omelette out of one cup of liquid egg-whites (they come in cartons at the grocery store). Throw in healthy stuff that you like. I use red onion, green pepper, Greek kalamata olives, and feta in the omelette. On the side I slice up a tomato, add a little salt, a little pepper, drizzle with Greek olive oil, sprinkle with a little feta, garnish with fresh basil. Delicious and healthy.

Google some recipes for the lentils, chick peas and beans. Greeks and Italians have great recipes for beans, chick peas and lentils.

Read this:

Consume one teaspoon of 'True' or 'Ceylon' cinnamon daily.

I put it in my morning breakfast tea, stir it in, keep swishing around as you drink because it doesn't dissolve well. Make sure you get all of it in your last gulp. You can sweeten tea or coffee with one teaspoon of honey or real maple syrup, NO sugar, regardless of colour.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator(dilates your arteries). Nitric oxide is produced during exercise and when you consume green leafy vegetables such as spinach and arugula. That's why you must exercise and eat this salad daily. To my salad, I add one tomato, some baby carrots, cucumber slices, pecans or walnuts, kalamata olives, and crumbled feta. I dress it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Mix it all up and enjoy, it is tasty and healthy.

Reduce consumption of meats to twice per week - stick with low fat meats like chicken or turkey breast, eat cold-water fish like salmon, trout and Artic char, 2-3 times per week, and go meatless 2 days per week. Canned skipjack tuna is also good and is lower in mercury content than most fish. Don't like fish? Neither did I, too bad, find some good recipes on the internet and enjoy. Greeks and Italians have good recipes for fish.

Watch portion sizes for all meats - no more than 3 oz. and only one meal containing meat during each of the days you eat meat.

You need to be fully committed otherwise you will not see the improvement you require. Don't feel sorry for yourself - just do it and understand it will make you feel better and help you to live longer.

I started on 30 mg. of statins (Crestor) after my surgery - March 2015. I was also on metoprolol (beta blocker and lower BP), clopidogrel (anti-platelet to avoid blood clots), and ramapril (to reduce BP). After my lifestyle change, I've lost 35 lbs., my BP is normal, and LDL is 1.8 mmol/l, my HDL is 1.74 mmol/l, triglycerides are 4.7, fasting glucose is 4.8 mmol/l.

I no longer take any of the medications above except for 5 mg of Crestor, which I will be stopping at the end of this month, pending my bloodwork results.

I didn't like the process, but that's life, those were the cards dealt to me.

Now just do it.

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No need to cut out egg yolks, they are very nutritious and will not raise your cholesterol.

Have porridge instead of All Bran, if you are avoiding processed carbs and added sugar.

Wow, thank you, such a motivator to get me going and what I needed to hear. I am inspired by what you say, and am kicking in those lifestyle changes here and now. Much appreciated.

Before taking any statins I would tackle the weight issues, as far as diets go, the 5 2 diet is excellent and if you try to eat a LCHF diet your body will burn fat rather than getting energy from the readily available carbohydrate. A lot of people have issues with needing to snack between meals, by increasing the amount of protein in a salad by adding a bean salad to it you will stay fuller for longer, and won't need to snack.

My advice, hard got. Lowering your cholesterol level and then holding it low is all about managing two things. Diet and lifestyle(mainly exercise). Easy to say difficult to do but what price life?

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