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What about barley??

Having decided to eliminate processed wheat flour from my diet - and enjoying oats and barley but never having really eaten much of them, I am finding many recipes that utilise barley. I have eaten it twice recently - the first time I cooked it in a rice cooker and I didn't put enough water in it - and it boiled a bit "dry" - but it was still OK to eat. The second time I cooked it on the stove top and this time used too much water - with the result that there was quite a bit of liquid still in the pot so I strained the barley and kept the liquid. I sub-consciously thought that perhaps the liquid would have some value - and the internet tells me that it does - I had unknowingly invented "barley" water . Tonight I enjoyed a glass of it after the evening meal - I now feel quite satiated :)

And i have found these health benefits for barley water ( plus of course the barley itself which we used in a low fat Indian Curry )

What do your think??

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What is low fat Indian curry? A curry is medium or hot with curry powder, where is the fat coming from? Chicken, fish, beef, lamb, veg or pork?


Beef, lamb and pork - and for the Thai dishes, coconut milk/cream :)


And the recipe came from a recipe book entitled "Low fat Indian Recipes" :)


Barley contains gluten...substitute Quinoa, you can also mix Quinoa with rice. I would steer clear of Barley and Oats, they oats are gluten free, but they do contain a trace of gluten. it is all an experiment to find what you can tolerate and can't so I guess if barley is not affecting you, you can tolerate it.


Interesting to find out how popular barley and barley water is around the world.

It's a good source of fibre as long as you don't don't go for the pearl barley, but I think you would get the fibre from the barley rather than the 'water'.


Barley is quite nice when malted & then brewed into beer or distilled into whisky.


Barley water! Maybe a step too far for me still trialing apple cider vinegar! Enough of a challenge at mo! Lol


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