Should I bother anyone about this?

Hi, I'm 60, female and passed health checks for blood pressure and chlolesterol in Nov. I had a flu jab then and have had a couple of bad colds since wirth a continual cough.Thing is I was deep asleep, dreaming away this morning when suddenly a little pain in my chest woke me up, I felt like I had forgotten to breath as I had to take deep breaths quickly, my arms felt heavy and slightly painful to move and my fingers a tiny bit tingly. After a few minutes my head started to throb but thats easing off now. Didn't feel sick or anything else. I'm typing this an hour later, having eaten breakfast and trying to behave normally but my arms feel tried and its an effort to type. Should I be worried about this as I think I had something similar in my 30s?? I don't want to be a nuisance.


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  • Phone the out of hours doctors service now and get some advice. You are not bothering anyone - people phone with much, much less.

  • Thanks for answering but I can't do that. I don't want let anyone in the house know as we are trying to keep upbeat here. It would not do anyone any good to be worried about me. My son has beaten a brain tumour that has left him nearly blind and many other awful health issues. He is fighting hard to lead a normal life. We look after things. i don't want to do anything other than go quietly to the docs next week if you think I should. Isn't it just one of those things you get when you age?

  • I phoned last time and went to the hospital and had those little heart test things stuck on me. I can't remember much about it other than they said I was ok and maybe they said it could have been a panic attack. I don't think it wasn't a panic attack this time but I was deep asleep and having a crazy dream, however the symptoms were very real and I still have a headache and feel tired. Its not an emergency though so I think I will avoid all that again and see my doc next week if you think I should. That way my family don't need to worry. It could just be one of those age things.

  • Ring NHS direct. Do get checked out. You are definitely not wasting anyones time. That's what those people are there for.

  • Its all good advice, I know. Thank to you all for answering me.

    Family just popped out so I just rang NHS direct. They are only dealing with urgent cases at the moment according to the recording and if I stayed on the line and the computer assessed me as non-urgent I would get a call back in 4 hrs. i don't want that and feel much better now.

    I only have a slight headache at the moment and am not so tired so I am going to the docs tomorrow, then family will be non-the-wiser. I have searched on the web and it doesn't sound like anything serious as the pain was quick and short, not like heart attack pain which I have read lasts about 5 mins. I'll take aspirin if I can find some now family are out. I probably just stopped breathing, slept in a funny position or something daft as I was so deeply asleep. Maybe the other symtoms were connected with lack of oxygen to the blood?.

  • A visit to the Dr is the most sensible thing to do. Tell him EVERYTHING you have told us, and make sure that he does a full assessment. Blood pressure, listening to heart and don't eat any breakfast so that you can tell him you can have a fasting blood test there and then. Keep us in the loop as to how you go.

  • Let Us know how you get on. DO get help even if it is that you are exhausted with the responsibility of care. You HAVE to look after yourself.

  • Taypot I to agree you should see the doctor as soon as possible, having said that I also think you should tell your family yes they have been through a lot as you said, but don't you think that they would want to know if your not feeling yourself. Tell them that your going to the doctors just to get checked out. They would be hurt more if you said nothing and something happened. Do let us know how you get on.And please consider telling your family

  • Taypot.. are you for real?, you come on here, Heart UK, with concerns about being woken by a CHEST PAIN, you find it difficult to type? you have pains in your arms and your fingers are tingly, you don't want anyone going to your home? you will take some aspirin if you can find some while your family is out? you probably just stopped breathing? maybe its just lack of oxygen to the blood?? you actually sound as if your leading up to some kind of scam...

  • hi I agree with eliteness all of us on here have had a heart attack all experienced the symptoms you have described either you are having us on oh you do not realise you have had a hearttack not full blown one but a warning one if you wait tilll the next one you will probably not be around to look after your family get checked out now sorry to be hard on you asked for advice and you have been given it from us all

  • Just to let you know, doc examined me and said I was right was probably a panic attack and not to worry. Just thought I would reply in case any one else is a little worried about similar symptoms. It was nothing to concern.

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