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Erratic heart beat while sleeping?

I've been under alot of stress lately...during my sleep I was woken up...with the most scariest rapid racing heart...what I can only describe as erratic..I was red hot...couldn't get my breath felt confused when I woke up as I had been in a deep sleep. Feeling faint very weak and sick and started to shake as if I was having a fit...but I lay there scared until it eventually slowed down. When waking up in the morning I felt very drained. A couple of years ago I was tested to see if my heart was ok as I do get palpations..but I'm not on any medication. I do have rheumatoid arthritis but no other health issues. I don't smoke. My diet is ok. I had no chest pain...but I must say I was very scared...just wondering if anyone else has experienced this...thanks again....

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It does sound like stress, but you need a professional opinion. Doctor probably but A&E if really concerned.


If it happens again you should call an emergency ambulance.

You should if you feel ok see a Doctor as soon as possible definitely on Monday if not before.

Nobody can tell you what it might be without examining you.

I had a heart attack at 51 it wasn't painful

If you still feel ill today you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

Don't leave things like this, you were right to be concerned.

Hope you get better soon


I had a similar thing happen 2years ago after I minor operation my heart beat became very erratic and fast and I went to a and e. Was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and am now on warfarin and bisoprolol.doctors blamed the drugs used to put me to sleep for the op. Get seen quickly please it is a scary experience


This is a very late reply I know but have only just found this forum following a thread from the AF community.

I agree with the others who think it may be Atrial Fibrillation - your symptoms sound classic. Don't panic though for although it is very frightening it is rarely life threatening -just feels that way, but do seek medical advice and get yourself referred to an EP the cardiologists who specialise in heart arrythmias.

Best of luck and give the AF forum a visit, you will be given support and excellent advice from lots of lovely people who have been through exactly what you experienced.


Thank you for your reply. I will have a look on the af forum thanks again...


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