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High cholesterol - new to group

Hi, l am new to this group and look forward to learning more and sharing my experience of high cholesterol. My high cholesterol was initially detected following a routine blood test. It was 7.34 with low HDL. This really frightened me into taking control of my diet and introducing some daily walking. A few years later l was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and learnt there is a correlation between the two. Any advice on how to raise my HDL would be much appreciated. My diet l consider healthy. I am a vegetarian, don't drink or smoke and the majority of my lifestyle complies with what is considered necessary for maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance, but it doesn't. Not sure what else I can do. My mother and maternal grandmother died from strokes so I have obvious concerns of the same demise. I am currently trying Benecol for 6 weeks and then bloods being repeated. Confused l am 😐

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Confusing, 80% of cholesterol is produced by human body and 20 % from food and drinks intake.

There are many information on the Internet.

Food intake control, watching out for free sugar and hidden sugar, regular exercise can give all of us a healthy life.

You need advice from a GP or a specialist for both of what you have mentioned above.

Do you keep a note of all your blood test results? This may help.


Thank you Bala for your advice. I will do some research and see if I find anything relevant, will post my findings.


I started my own research four years ago, I did try statin and gave up!

My life style change, look for hidden sugar, free sugar, regular exercise. food & drinks intake control is helping me towards a healthy life. Only time will tell.

Will look forward to your findings.

I have found out purple skin sweet potato is good for human health. you can buy this in Indian veg shops. Some Indian green leaf veg is also good for us humans.


If your hypothyroidism is under control, your cholesterol levels should reduce, in theory.

Perhaps check that you are not eating refined starches, as these may affect your cholesterol levels, make sure that you are eating high fibre foods.

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