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Beta glucan powder ?

Hi I just bought this product it's called blooms cholesterol balance its an Australian product ... Has anyone had success with bet glucan supplements ? I've started eating 30grams of oat bran every day and I'm planning to sprinkle this on top of it to boost my beta glucan intake and hopefully further reduce my cholesterol which was 6.8 a few months ago

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Yes oar derived beta glucan supposed to help iam trying it to and I found a supplement that has 2,200mg of it. Its kind of pricy but it has a hole bunch of other heart health nutritionals in it as well.(Quercetin,rutin,resverstrol,milkthisle, artichoke, and greens/berries) Its called advanced green formula by advanced bionutritionals. I buy 3 containers at a time to bring cost down.

I figure its worth a try!


I also take ubiquinol 100 mg and a good garlic supplement and pantethine which helps raise hdl if thats an issue for you.


thanks Ill check it out ..meanwhile the bet aglucan powder is making me have 3 bowle movemments a day and they are all soft and formed which is great Im hoping there is cholesterol being excreted with them too :)


Please read about cholesterol!


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