why when I take Cholesterol tablets I get this tired and feel weary??? anyone can help??? any substitute ?

I am a 32 year old guy and since 3 years back I was diagnosed with high Cholesterol level. it can go as high as 9 even. I have a very healthy life style and a very low fat and low meat diet. I also exercise regularly and I am fit.

doctors have given me many different Cholestrol tablets such as Lipitor and Rosuvastatin. each time I have them after around 1.5 months I see severe side affects. I get really tired, I can't lift weight and I feel weary. I am very frustrated, if I stop it my Cholesterol shoots up and if I continue, my whole quality of life is compromised. I don't know what to do. it is very upsetting but I can do nothing as of now...

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  • Hi,

    May be you want to take a look at this post:

    Looking for anyone with raised cholesterol who are in their 20's or 30's for a magazine interview, post by heart UK.

    What was the reason for blood test three years ago? Do you have full blood test details and full medical health details? did you go for any blood test this year?

    Lowering cholesterol by life style change, food intake control and exercise is a slow process but it works.

    There are other things you can try, there is a cholesterol lowering produce "OATWELL". Please Google this produce and give it a try. These products can be expensive.

  • If you think you fit the bill and would like to support HEART UK in getting messages about cholesterol out into the public domain then please contact me lm@heartuk.org.uk or 01628 777046- ideally your cholesterol would not be raised due to the inherited condition FH. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • go and try niacin better than any statin medication dont worry about your cholesterol number if you are get a proper blood test Lpa

  • Be very careful on suggesting how a person should self medicate.

    Non prescription niacin is not recommended.

    quote from Wikipedia.

    "Over-the counter niacin dietary supplements generally lack the safety and efficacy data required for FDA regulatory approval. Some “no flush” types, such as inositol hexanicotinate contain convertible niacin compounds, but have little clinical efficacy in reducing cholesterol levels.[59][60] “Slow release” varieties have higher hepatotoxic activity, hence non-prescription niacin is not recommended due to potential harm.[15]"

    see section on prescription niacin

  • sorry but niacin has been given to me from my cardiac and lipid consultant go research niacin properly before you comment its proven to work on many years of research google Dr Hoffa all my family take it and it works no horrible side effects like statins and niacin hits your Lpa were statins dont ive done my research over many years

  • Can I suggest you visit an optician ? Please read my reply again .

    I have not suggested not to use Niacin but I have given a warning about over the counter Niacin . The use of Prescription Niacin is a totally different ball game when recommended by a bona fide qualified physician

    Anyone who self medicates can be in for big trouble unless they understand the properties of any drug they take,the dose and also the side effects if any

    If you Google Dr Hoffa, you come up with many,from a pathologist,a family doctor ,and even one who has just been convicted of drug use .

    As you are aware the world is full of quacks out for a quick buck and,unfortunately some people are easy pray, especially if they are scared of a life threatening medical problem as a lot of people are on this site.

  • thank you very much for your advice. I will be telling all to my GP and ask for niacin to try.

  • Have you been diagnosed as having Familial Hypercholesterolaemia or not? Do you have a family history of early heart attacks? Can you ask to be referred to a lipid clinic? GPs can handle simple cases fine and even some FH and statin-intolerant people, but seem reluctant to refer when NICE guidelines are pretty clear that they should.

    Oh and you might find taking Co-enzyme Q10 helps - statins deliberately impair the Co-enzyme A pathway but often impair Q10 too.

  • There are NO tests or any verified medical trials in the world which state conclusively that taking Q10 helps in any way . ALL trials so far only indicate that Q10 may help but nothing has been proved so far.

  • That's true: so far, we only know that Q10 shares a biosynthetic pathway with cholesterol, statins often reduce it and supplements increase it. Its roles in the body are not very well understood, so it didn't surprise me that results of tests for the effect of Q10 levels are rather weak... but when you're clutching at straws...

  • We all clutch at straws in times of distress and fear ,that`s when we are at the mercy of the con men . The hype of Q10 with no scientific peer reviews is just one of the costly ways of preying on a lot of people.

  • There are peer reviews - they're just inconclusive! At least there's a bit more logic behind Q10 based on the biology as far as we understand it, rather than the hocus pocus of some diets that are promoted frequently on this site.

  • my view exactly especially the various diets by "doctor so and so "

  • some people just tell me leave it and try the natural and herbal treatments as well as diet management. I don't know if it is sufficient

  • Hi asprivacy. Can't be much help to you but the statins had exactly the same effect on me (mid 60's) and I now refuse them. A longer life where I can't rouse from my bed doesn't compare to staying active but possibly having a shorter one, in my opinion. My local health shop recommended Soya Lecithin capsules but I don't think they've made much difference; latest blood test had level down from 6.2 to 6. I'll check out Niacin. I hope you find some effective medication, it must be concerning to have this problem at your age and I wish you well.

  • Hi asprivacy and whitelocke. I inherited FH and have had no problems with statins but, until my total cholesterol levels rose after the menopause, I took Kyolic tablets from my local Health Food shop and my total cholesterol levels dropped two whole points in twelve months. The "experts" told me this was just coincidence so I stopped taking them and my cholesterol went up. I started to take them and, once gain, my levels dropped. To me this proves these tablets, with no side effects, work for me. Hope they might work for you too. I am now on a low dose of statin plus Kyolic and my TC is down to 4.2mml.

  • thanks, that was really helpful

  • Asprivacy

    I'd like to firstly say you can only be diagnosed with an illness and having high cholesterol is far from that.

    Unfortunately there aren't enough people with the same opinion as me but our voices are gradually being heard.

    Cholesterol is not evil so you can't suffer from high levels, it's all a big fat lie.

    I've attached a link that'll explain how some of this all started, there is plenty more on the subject, please read and make of it what you will.

    Good luckhttp://coconutoil.com/there-is-only-one-type-of-cholesterol-all-of-it-beneficial/

  • thanks heaps Sonya

  • I saw the videos, they were very promising

  • Thank you very much. It was realky helpful

  • Hi. asprivasy. yes your COL may be on the high side, but why are you on a low fat diet, what you should be on is a low Carb diet high fat, LCHF is the term, while you are young and fit i bet you are eating alot of preservatives and sugars, i dont mean in drinks but in what you eat in general.

    Do not on any account take Statins unless you have a further medical condition.

    I was like you but i am 65, very fit, look 15 years younger but had a TIA, look it up on the net.

    We think we are eating the right things sujested by the NHS and food industry but how wrong we are.

    Cut 80% of carbs, all sugars, eat loads of fresh veg, fruit, white meat, fish, eat natural fats their not bad for you, and yes loads of excercise.

    I was put on Statins for over 12months i had the same problems as you, not now.

    Unless you have another problem i bet you will feel much better.




  • Thanks heaps. That was really helpful

  • Hi asprivacy, I took Atorvastatin for a few years, until the side effects became unbearable. For a little while, I had been falling over when I leaned forward, what I thought was, too far. It had never occurred to me that the statin had anything to do with it. However, as soon as I stopped taking the statin, I stopped falling over.

    My cholesterol went up from 5 to 8 without the statin. I have been eating unadulterated porridge every morning now, for a few years and my good cholesterol has gone up and my bad, down. My level has stayed around 8, so it isn't getting any worse.

    My heart attack risk [can't remember what the correct term is!] is around 12. 20 is high, so 12 isn't too bad [for me]

    Have you discussed the way you are feeling with your GP? You ought to. Good luck!

  • Thanks heaps for your message. I have told my GP and now i have completely stopped the drugs.

  • In the USA some years ago a trial was done using some very good athletes it was found those using statins over a period of time lost some muscle strength with the consequence that their fitness levels drooped off. When they stopped using statins they recovered the muscle strength again. ( Not all lost muscle strength). Maybe this is the root cause of your problem. With the agreement of my Doctor I stopped using Statins and now try to control my Cholesterol by diet not as good a statins but still ok for me.

  • thanks mate. yes you are right.

    statin is rubbish and it is not worth taking it for anything. I feel like I am a dear carcass a while after I have these drugs. no more for me

  • I notice that on today's news, they have decided to prescribe statins for even more of the population. Do they think it is a cure for obesity?

  • Hi I kicked the statins 12 months ago in favour of increased walnut consumption. My cholesterol levels dropped incredibly, and I don't have any more aches, pains and general lethargy. I'm not suggesting this as an alternative for everyone, but it worked for me.

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