Plant Stanols/Sterols - seeking advice

My Background - Diagnosed with FH about 5 years ago. Take a statin. Very good diet and loads of exercise (possibly too much, actually).

I'd followed the advice of my consultant and, until recently, have been taking a supermarket brand stanol fortified yoghurt drink. I stopped taking them recently as it jarred with the rest of my diet - unprocessed, natural and low sugar. These yoghurt drinks are obviously a wholly unnatural and overly-processed food substance.

I'm interested in any advice. Should I restart taking the drinks? Are there alternatives? Do stanols/sterols work?


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  • Before going back to the drinks, do a cholesterol test and try green leaf veg for four weeks, cooked slowly in olive oil with Indian spice for lunch with any kind of fish and test to see the difference.

    For breakfast, try porridge with cinnamon 1/2 tea spoon and turmeric 1/4 tea spoon and honey to taste no more than a tea spoon. This works very well for me.

    Regular exercise is very important.

  • Thank you for the advice.

    Does the green leaf veg, cinnamon and turmeric provide the stanols/sterols in a natural form? Or are you suggesting healthy eating patterns?

    I eat porridge frequently, so it would be easy to add in the spices. I already add those spices to homemade soups and, obviously, curries.

    I have a salad probably six days a week with a base green leaf of spinach. About twice a week I also eat cabbage or Kale in other meals. Does the cooking of the green leaf veg help activate the stanols/sterols or is raw okay too?

    How do you get the same level of stanols/sterols that occur in one of the processed yoghurt drinks naturally?

  • I m afraid I am unable to answer your last question.

  • And the rest of them?

  • I used to take them a long time ago but like you try to steer away from processed foods. Healthspan( do have plant sterols as supplements, and also have sterol "mix" supplements (including garlic and other supplements) I have always found a good service from them.

  • take niacin b3 go and research it properly it will sort you out read Dr abram hoffer book on niacin and take the right niacin it works and better than any meds or diets good luck god bless

  • Ok so iam in the same boat~have FH as well and have had it since 1st time i ever checkd it age 28. I am now 44 i as well exercise plenty and healthy diet but i too have ultimately even a naturopathic md says take statin so iam. 40 mg. My goal is cut it in 1/2 at least if not all. Heres what else ive been taking to acieve this... get advanced greens formula by advanced bionutritionals i found online has very high amount of oat derived beta glucan as well as all other stuff good for artery health/chol. ..artichoke/milk thisle on and on.. in addition i take pantethine(not pantethenic acid) 900mg devided doses this rec by naturo md to boost ldl. (As statins have lowered mine of course) . Of course ubiquionol at least 100mg. 2g liquid fish oil and vit d. And cut gluten and lowered all starchy carbs/sugar. Lots of veggies, etc. I know this is very high maintenance but w/ FH and wanting not be on as much of statin.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  • More information on this link:

  • I didn't enjoy with the Flora or supermarket-own drinks (terrible stomach upsets), but the Benecol works for me. Stanols and sterols are slightly different.

  • Hi there i took a plant sterol supplement in the form of tablets for months ,,, they cost me $60 a month and did not do much in reducing my cholesterol... I found it wasnt that great and stopped taking them but my cholesterol has gone down since i lost 20 kilos its now 6.7 it was 7.4 so im happy with that ..hopefully it will continue to go down with the right foods and exercise

  • Excellent that you have lost 20kg.

    "Right food and Exercise" Could you please expand on this. This may help others.


  • There are other ways of taking plant sterols or stenols as I think they are sometimes called.

    Boots sell pack of large green capsules. I take one a day (650) as well as 10mg statin pill at night.  They work in a different way through the liver as far as i understand.  I am a type 2 diabetic and am tested for cholesterol every 6 months and my cholesterol levels are OK.  Sterols are also in Bennecol non-butter spread that advertises itself as "Known to lower cholesterol levels and they are also in Flora's Pro Active.  I choose the "buttery" one which does taste more like butter.

    Hope this info may be helpful to you     

  •  I also eat porridge, (v. good for cholesterol) every day with wonderful freshly ground turmeric paste, which  is so good for so many things plus cinnamon and nutmeg and fresh berries .  I also attend aerobic classes three times a week and take them when the instructor is away as I used to be a dancer, Exercise I know is important and can makes a lot of difference how one feels as long as one can break the apathy barrier.

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