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Hi all,

Here is a very worthy cause that needs pledges..... meaning Free pledges form your support

by adding your name to a board with your Voice to support this cause.For GP's to use their Stethoscopes more often.

I have first hand experience of this situation, although i was given a bill of good health on ECG Heart Test the GP never once used a Stethoscope , luckily enough i was persistant in returning to the Surgery with my cough and seeing another GP who did check my Heart with a Stethoscope and found a Heart Murmur and referred me to a Cardiologist who found Mitral Valve Prolapse with Severe Regurgitation (Leaking Valve) so i was then referred for Mitral Valve Repair Surgery.So this shows how important this message is for GP's.

So do ask your GP to use a Stethoscope if you've never been checked before as it is very quick check to do.


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Hello, GP's do, in my experience, use a stethoscope to examine you pretty often.

My own GP discovered a (very faint) heart murmur doing this, but an EEG revealed it was just the result of some very slight backflow through the valve, which is fairly common and not a health problem. My heart is completely normal, near as makes no difference.

Bottom line, don't panic if you have a heart murmur. The worst thing was the reaction of the idiots in HR at my employers, who because I'd had some time off sick insisted on acting like I was about to drop dead. I had to send them a stroppy e-mail explaining what a heart murmur was.

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Hi idontbelieveit,

Yes your right, i should of mentioned in my post not all Heart Murmurs,

like the one you have need to be treated like mine, mine was in a very small minority percentage of Heart Murmurs. like you i also had problems with my company i worked for who that put me through more stress from having to attend Capabilty Meetings with Manager's and HR while off sick trying to push me out of my job with the pressure of explaining myself each fortnight which was very intimidating .

All this too while waiting for the Operation!

The company went into Administration ,so i had to leave in the end so was not forced!


I was 21 and in rude health. I had an ambition to be a trawlerman which necessitated a physical. The 'doctor' put his stethescope upon me and declared that I had a heart mumour.

My real doctor demurred 45 years ago!

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