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Large heart?

I've been diagnosed with a irregular pulse,and taking beta blockers,

Alibaba prevents clots,candidates for blood pressure,and stations.I was told Friday I have a larger than normal heart?. Being sent to a cardiologist for heart scan,how much should I worry,I am 73 apart with dealing with spinal stenosis,and a bit breathless I think I'm fine?.what is a large heart?

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Hi John, I think there may have been some spell checker gremlins got into your post! Hope the 'candidates' are tasty! LOL

As to your question - I think it is something to ask your doctor about.

Sometimes AF can cause the atria - top part of the heart to enlarge which means the heart doesn't beat as effectively but you need to know much more detail which only your Doctors can give you so hope you can have an appointment soon,

Make a list of questions you want to know and take your time asking them. Sometimes taking someone with can be really helpful, especially if you discuss with them first what you want to know as they can help you to digest the answers later.

I always take my husband with me as he always remembers something I either didn't hear or didn't remember which is very useful, I think the stress of the appointment often means we don't listen well or take things in.

Best wishes CD

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Thanks CD,the candidates were tasty!! Thanks for post,hope to the cardiologist soon. JL


An enlarged heart (cardiomegaly) could be a result of your heart working hard for some reason, and because the heart is a muscle, it therefore increases in size, as do all muscles if they are exercised. I'm not sure if I've explained this very well, but you obviously need to ask your cardiologist why this should have occurred in your case.


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