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i took myself off statins because of all the bad stuff you hear about them not mentioning the side effects. I got into the smoothie thing and make some great ones and I can target any given health problem with natural remedies I am going thru myself. Concerning your liver look into tumeric root and its bountiful benifits. I had to do blood work every 6 months from the meds I was taking and my readings for levels were all normal after 3 months of daily intake of tumeric in a smoothie. Just read about tumeric root and you will c why I use it daily. Good luck. Peace....

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Thanks for information ...will get some turmeric and look up on Internet ....


Also talk to your doc and let him kno about it. Many don't like the idea of going off on something they don't know about. Docs here in the U.S. are so worried about the kick backs from the meds they pump into people. I finally found one that that likes the natural approach. I've been using the nutribullet for over a year and I'm almost pill free. Good luck

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