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Effect of Statins on Memory Loss Remains Uncertain

Interesting study here :

A study involving nearly half a million statin users and the same number of nonusers failed to determine whether statin drugs harm memory.

Past studies on the effect of statins on memory loss have been contradictory, with some showing an association between long-term statin use and improved memory and others showing no effect on memory. The authors of the current study draw no conclusions that end this uncertainty.

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It appears there are fundamental problems with long term statin medication and memory problems or reacting to simple issues in a working environment or home environment. People can do studies, people get funding to do research on 100 people or millions of people at the end of the day if you are the one individual with problems that the answer may come as not the one you are looking for.

Every medication do react to individuals differently.

I look most of the sites at Health unlocked and see different questions on medication and also other sites where people ask why this is happening to me?

I am not on any medication at the moment to offer any reactions to medication!


You can read here without registering!

Cholesterol-lowing statins DON'T cause memory loss, landmark report declares

Fears over statins impacting on memory are unfounded, experts said

Complaints about memory went up after people took statins - but they did so after starting courses of other drugs as well, study found

People are more sensitive to health concerns after taking a course of drugs, so they notice memory problems more easily, experts found

This means they are more likely to blame memory problems on the drug

By Ben Spencer, Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Read more:


This article states that "anyone with a 10% chance of a heart attack should be on statins and that this is nearly everyone over the age of 40". Have I miss-read this?? What studies have shown this to be the case?


I wonder if any one in Heart UK can address this?

The days of high cholesterol, take medication "statin" has gone!


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