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Cholestrol high

I have just had blood test results and been told my cholestrol levels to high.

LDL 4amd HDL 2.

I do understand that isn't good.My doctor did all necessary checks and said I came out as low risk.Nobody in family with heart disease,longevity,low weight,fit,take exercise,couch to 5k.Dont smoke.On that result he didn't want to put me on medication but just said come back in a year for a check and keep doing what I'm doing.

I do feel worried and bemused as to why it has been left like this.Is there any way to bring down these levels?

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Your doctor has full medical records to manage your health.

You can consider life style change, food intake control and regular exercise can help you to stay healthy.

Did you doctor do a qrisk check?

What is your total cholesterol?

Do not worry, you can action this by you looking for ways to reduce your blood test numbers for BP, blood glucose and blood cholesterol.

At the end of the day one life, your body do take care of it by food intake control and regular exercise.


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