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The Tide Turning?

Actually, I think the tide already has, it's just the old school still swimming against it are having to go with the ebb!

Among the knowledge I seek regarding the science of diet behind the epidemic of heart disease, I am always on the lookout for the latest regarding Dr. Tim Noakes. His non confrontational approach is always a pleasure. Below is the link to a very recent interview with Faisal Sayed.

I normally wouldn't draw your attention to a such a video, however, allowing for the repetition of his views well known to those who know his work, I sat up and took notice of him producing a printout of a statement from Dr.Osama Hamdy, who is a medical director of the Joslin Diabetes Center, (apparently the world of excellence in the treatment of the condition, according to Dr. Noakes, which I have no reason to doubt).

According to Dr. Noakes, a couple of years earlier he engaged in debate with Dr. Hamdy, whom I assume, took the opposite stance to Dr. Noakes. I tried to find the conclusions of the debate, but couldn’t trace them, however, we can assume from Dr. Noakes’ attitude producing the statement (below) that Dr. Hamdy had changed his stance and with that the stance that the Joslin Centre who had been promulgating the advice from McGovern’s committee since 1977. This comes 6 minutes into part 2 of the interview, but the whole is well worth the watch:

Statement referred to by Noakes in part 2:

On the back of this, and purely coincidentally as it only came into my inbox today, is the latest from Axel F. Sigurdsson MD:

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Have watched both clips. The question is how are we going to get NHS and Heart UK to look at the changes?

Because of my own research and the food I take with control is helping me to avoid any medication. I have to be very careful of what I say here because of the old school.

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