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Really worried

I just started exercising, running, weights, cycle etc., I got a chest infection and the GP sent me for a chest x-Ray. Well the X-Ray came back that I had a slight enlarged heart. Also my blood pressure was up a bit at my last GP visit and apparently my previous GP diagnosed me with stage 1 high blood pressure. I don't have high cholesterol, I eat pretty good, lots of fruit and veg, snd I walk everywhere. I don't sit on my backside all day. I have an active job and I've been loosing lots of weight. When I looked up slight enlarge heart Google came back with people who need heart transplants!! Jeezeeeeee that's scared the hell out of me. I know Google isn't always right and I know I could afford to lose a lot of weight but I'm trying to do the right thing. I'm scared to death that I'm going to drop dead now... Can someone reassure me please??

I never knew about the high blood pressure from my other GP. Why didn't they say something to me?? :(

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Can I also point out that all my blood tests are normal...


what are your bold glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol , weight, height, waist checks? Ask your GP for full explanation.

Your GP practice can do a simple electro cardio gram to look for any electrical activities. You GP can refer you to a hospital to do a full 12-lead electro cardiogram and an echo cardio gram.

Just take it easy, go for check ups and take medication if necessary. Home test kit can help you to do monitoring at home.

Good luck.


Hi Mitzy72,

I think it's up to your GP to reassure you. We don't know whether your slightly enlarged heart was a temporary result of the infection for instance.

Some kinds of weight training may raise blood pressure, at least temporarily. Focus more on the lowering of weights, don't strain on the raising of weights, particularly above shoulder height, and avoid static contractions for example.

Fruit is not the same as vegetables; fructose in particular thickens the blood which will raise blood pressure. It also contributes to insulin-resistance; raised insulin/IGF-1 levels cause growth of the endothelial linings of arteries also raising blood pressure.

My blood pressure was creeping up several years ago. Since then I have controlled my carbohydrate and protein intake, eating mostly natural fat, and my blood pressure has normalised.

All the best!


There are some excellent reviews of blood pressure lowering using Kyolic Aged garlic. Garlic is one of those supp's with loads of positive research behind it. Here are details of a med' trial that showed positive results.


Kyolic Garlic hasnt worked for me. Been taking it for 6 months now.


Hi Mitzy72,

As previously said I would also go back to your GP. It might be worth asking for an ECG test as this may assist in determining any heart problems. In my particular case the ECG was the first sign I had of a heart valve problem. I have had the valve replaced now and it seems a fairly routine operation!!! As soon as I became aware of the problems I purchased my own blood pressure monitor from the local chemist and it was only about £25 so this may be a good investment for you to allay any fears concerning high-pressure. Hope this helps


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