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Has anyone had a Coronary Calcium Heart Scan?

Just wondering - they really intrigue me! I'm thinking of inquiring as to the cost of getting one done privately to see if/how much plaque build-up I already have.

I don't have any symptoms of coronary heart disease and I'm young, so my GP/Consultant wouldn't send me for one, but it would be interesting to see how bad or good things are in my arteries. I have got low resting heart rate (around 53ish) and low diastolic blood pressure (about the same) - which in a 'normal' person I imagine would indicate a fit, healthy heart..... but coupled with my high cholesterol and relative unfitness - it worries me somewhat....

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This is not really answering your question exactly, but I have had an IMT scan of the carotid arteries. Long story, but it was a second opinion and the consultant told me that particularly in women this is a useful diagnostic tool to assess the plaque build up in the coronary arteries. It can also be used in the diagnosis of FH as people with FH typically present in the highest percentile.

This was an excellent NHS lipid clinic which offered it routinely and I had not been offered it before. I don't have any plaque only a slight thickening and I found this reassuring.

There are a lot of private scanning clinics, including those ones that go to local church halls to do it..but I'm not sure how much I would trust the latter.


I do go to the gym a couple of times a week - its hard to fit it in around working full time, entertaining a toddler, keeping the house fairly tidy and the fact my partner works shifts.

I have previously done the couch to 5k programme which I really enjoy, but just couldn't get further than running 15-20 mins before it felt like my heart/lungs were going to explode!


Have you thought about going to your GP and asking for an MOT. That way you can get a full check up, blood pressure, chloresterol, sugar, weight and height (BMI) If all is OK just carry on as you are doing. My goodness, full time job, running a home, looking after a toddler - who needs the gym!!!!! A daily walk say, 2 miles, keeps me fairly fit. I'm 60 next year and feel fitter than I did at 40. Just walking, eating a healthy diet (everything in moderation) and watching the alcohol intake - put the little'un in the buggy and speed walk for half an hour or so each day - now the nights are getting lighter - (I'm also a grandmother so I know this works!) All the best


have had a calcium score ,i paid around £150 to a reputable company. It was well worth it as i found my score was 0. This means i do not have hardening of the arteries and am at low risk of a heart attack. however, someone very close to me had to have a quadruple heart bypass after their score was off the scale.

i have read that the calcium score is far more accurate than the cardiac stress test in diagnosing heart disease.(stress test usually done on the nhs, if you are having symptoms)and said person had had a couple of stress tests over the years and nothing was found.

apparently there are not enough machines or qualified staff to use them in the nhs. so if you can afford it i would go for it if as long as you consider the small amount of radiation involved.


Hi there, would you mind letting me know where you went - i've been quoted a lot more

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Did you take the test? Both my mother and father have had a cardiac event and I am keen to get tested as I don't want to wait until it's too late. Thanks


Where was the £150 CAC test performed. I am interested and live in Oxford.


Hi ted... did you get an answer?


Speak to Blue Horizon, this company do a lot of private testing but you may need a GP referral.


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