So here is an update with wverytho nng going on. I started having back pain and still feeling jaw pressure. The doctor ordered a pet and a ton of blood work. Bloodwork came back perfect except low hematocrit. I did the nuclear stress test and he said it looked great. However, tomorrow i am having a cardio angio ct scan. Im just so emotional and all over the place. Im scared somwthing is showing up. I notice when i stand up my pulse goes ip. So usually sitting its like 65 the. Standing up its like 110. Im ao scared i have a blockage.

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  • All your stats seem perfect! Lucky you. IMHO if it were me I would be looking at anxiety causing your distress.

  • Good luck with this test "tomorrow i am having a cardio angio ct scan".

    Do you have a portable heart rate monitor to check on regular basis?

    Resting BPM is lower then an activity BPM.

  • UK papers wrote last month on new blood test "troponin" for women to check for any hear problems.

    Did you doctors do this blood test?

  • Hello,

    Please read this article in today's Daily Mail UK paper, Fit and healthy? We're proof you could STILL have a heart attack .

    Six healthy people have given their story.

    This line is from one of the ladies in the article. "I had blood tests, including the troponin or T test, which checks for traces of a protein that's linked to damaged heart muscle."

    Read more: dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

  • Well I had a ct coronary angiogram. Everything came back perfect. Now im wondering about blood clot in the lung. I dont know. im scared

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