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I have been to so many doctors in the last 4 months and i am so disapointing... if someone will please help me..

I just woke up one morning after working out not feeling right. I am 32 female. 2 kids tubal ligation.

I woke up with tension headaches..i turned to er they did ct scan said i was fine

Went to see doctor he gave me injections and thought i was ok but noticed i started having ringing in my ears and jaw pressure and scalp tenderness.i saw an ent and he said tmj. I went to a neuro.she diagnosed occipital nueralgia. After doing 2 mri and 1 mra.

I dtarted having chest pain and went to cardiologist. Had chest x-ray d-dimer and ekg, echo, and stress test all normal. I am scared its a blockage. I am so worried sometjing is going on.

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oldestnewest is not a place to panic,you must get in control of your wagon,.remember ! you are very young and with children so you as caregiver to the children places you in a volatile place for worry,obviously each dr has a diff opinion..don,t give up nor ,especially panic,let us know how you are making out ,regards Rollie


Hi robin I was wondering if u got relief? I'm having same problems for 3 months now


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