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Sugar and Carbohydrates

I have spent the last three to four weeks reading about and viewing videos about what scientists, doctors, neurologists, physicians, cardiologists and just 'people' have and are finding out about what sugar and carbohydrates are doing to us humans. It is daunting and does not make happy reading especially of you have been on Dr Ornish's recommended diet for the last year as my husband and I have. We have done a direct about turn! Search and find the following, not all by a long chalk but enough to convince me: On You Tube: The Bitter Truth, by Dr Robert Lustig. A long video but worth sticking with. A lot and a website by Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Robert Johnson: see Cereal Killers, The Movie. Dr David Perlmutter, who is a neurologist and nutritionist: get his book: Grain Brain, join his website and change your diet.

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Well done for persevering with your search for answers. Dr Robert Lustig has also written a very informative book called "Fat Chance". He gives a very comprehensive explanation on how our bodies work and how different foods affect us. You could also look for Gary Taubes, who analysis the effects of the introduction of processed foods (flour and sugar) on different societies around the world.

This link has an interesting article on different ways of eating, and it has links to the relevant scientific papers.

I had to go gluten and sugar free many years ago because of health issues. I hope you find it as good a way to improve your health as I have. (Obviously I avoid all ready made 'gluten free food' sold in supermarkets!)


Well done!

As I've said many times on this forum, ' the research, pick out the science!'

There is nothing new under the sun, Banting is often quoted, but tackling diabetes and obesity - including the cure goes back to 1825 and the ancients knew the score even further back. Have a look at this - could have been written yesterday, in fact 1958, well before the nonsense we endure was inflicted on us!:

Don't know whether this got past you, but it's a belter! His one on sugar is as well:


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