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Widespread statin use ' foolhardy' says expert

I love the part " it has emerged that six of the 12 experts drawing up guidelines have financial ties to drug firms who make statins or similar pills"

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During the Heart UK conference this was mentioned, new guide lines coming from NICE. I read the paper online and pick up a lot of information take what I want and leave what I do not want! Not every one like article from news paper! For me if at least one person get some benefit from a post I do I am happy.

"U" turn on butter and eggs in the paper today.

What NHS needs is an other type of calculator to check on % heart problem. The existing calculation have had it's sell by date, 10% or 20 % to go on statin.


I think that the NHS guidelines passed down to GP level are insufficient and flawed; it is not just about statins.

The NHS needs more people capable of thinking outside the box.


The link doesn't work for me.


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