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I fainted recently and hit my head. The paramedics and subsequently the A & E people found a dodgy wave on one of my ECG leads. Ischemic heart was mentioned. But they can't understand it as I'm not overweight, I exercise a bit, don't drink or smoke and have a healthy diet. So low risk of heart disease. I'm 60. Due at the 'chest pain' clinic next week - but I've not had chest pain. Anyone had similar experience? Could it be I was born with this? I understand that it means some areas of my heart are not getting enough blood. Any other comments?

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I had a similar occurrence in 2011 when I had a funny turn whilst mountain biking - mussy head, exhaustion and tight chest. ECG also showed something up so various tests followed treadmill, echocardiogram which indicated the structure of my heart was good, but then angiogram showed a blocked artery. I was then very fortunate to have an angioplasty which cleared the blockage and stents were inserted. I have subsequently worked my way back to full fitness at my local gym(trainer is cardio rehab trained) so much so that I recently completed a Sprint Triathlon - 500m swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run in 1:41.16. So have confidence in the Health Professionals who will investigate and solve the problems for you and get you back to full fitness. Best of luck.


That's encouraging Mike, You sound very fit now! (My kids keep telling me off for saying men are fit, but you know what I mean!) I don't like the thought of an angioplasty though!


It's fine honestly, they go in through your wrist or groin, but you get a local anasetic so feel hardly anything except them pushing slightly. They are extremely professional and practiced at doing it now. Not sure where you live, but mine was done at Liverpool Chest & Heart Hospital by Dr Nick Palmer & his team and where they have state of the art(if not heart) facilities.



Please use the internet to get as much information to read and have a printed copy of the information. Prepare your question to ask at the clinic and write down the answers. When ever I visit my GP for cholesterol and blood sugar I always have a list of questions!

Life line screening do a pcakage for various test and it is value for money. Take a look at their web site. Good luck.


It`s unfair, but some of us can exercise & eat healthily, & still end up with heart disease. I think everyone knows about Jim Fixx, who started the craze for jogging, dropped dead of a heart attack. If you have bad genes for example, exercise & diet won`t be enough to prevent probllems. I take exercise & watch my diet, but I still have high cholesterol.


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