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Hello everyone, my name is Alan, or to my friends Allyg. I had a TIA last may, made great recovery, statins awfull, now EZETIMBE.


My GP wants my CHOL down below 3.0 it was 5.5 before TIA now 4.3

Diet and exercise is my way forward, but he says I must be also on a drug, I,m high risk.

It bothers me what drugs do re side effects.

I,m 64 very fit good BP, eat good, friends say I look 10years younger.

What do you think.

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Stop worrying about cholesterol!

Lower carbohydrate, intake increase fats (butter, cheese, nuts, bacon etc) the foods that kept your parents healthy.

Do lots of research, start here:


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Hello Mike thanks for your reply, I know what you mean re natural foods, I always stay away from processed food plus anything in a packet, all contains rubbish, but all people say to me is go on a very low fat diet.

Consultant and Gp and my son-in-law who is a chemist say is you must lower your cholesterol as the furring up of artery in your neck caused the tia.

Surely increasing my fat intake is not good.

PS I have reduced alcohol to 22-24 units a week, consultant told me alcohol was my

main risk factor before tia, over the years its been more like 50, makes it sound though

ime an alky. it used to be couple pints after work +sharing wine at weekend, none of that now. I stopped smoking 20yrs ago. also am 12. 1/2 stone. not overweight, 5ft 10.

The point of all this is I cant get my head round different views on diet, drugs, etc.

Statins are being pushed by all medics, regardless of side effects, which all three

have not been good. hence trying ezetimibe 1 then 2 then 3 etc up to 7, see how it goes. ubiquinol 1 tab per day also.

Dead scared of another TIA

Regards. Allg.

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What you have been told is bound to cause you concern. However, atherosclerosis is not 'furring' of the arteries, it is poorly healed lesions (find pictures of affected arteries). google.co.uk/search?q=a...

You're also confusing fat in the diet wih fat in the body. Body fat is triglyceride; three fatty acids with a glyc (carbohydrate) backbone. Control your carbohydrate intake and you automatically control your triglyceride level.

HI Allyg,

I was looking up whether high cholesterol was a risk factor for stroke when I looked at your 5.5 level and thought well you didn't have high cholesterol before your TIA. I would suspect that putting you on statins is "standard" after a TIA regardless of your original cholesterol level, as it is for people who have had a heart attack.

All I can say is do your research and see how you tolerate the ezetimbe. I am pretty certain that you will be "encouraged" by your GP lower your cholesterol further, but the ultimate decision is yours.

Did you have any sort of scan after your TIA to determine the state of your arteries?

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Great to have your response to my worry re statins.

Yes I had CT scan, also MRI, they found furred artery in my neck.

Because I outwardly looked in great shape medics thought it may be hereditary in my case, also excessive alcohol was other possible cause. yes it seems everyone over 55

gets put on statins. Gp wants to see me in 5 weeks + chol blood test.

Will keep you informed.

Many Thanks.


I am over 55 and have no reason to go on statins (have been VERY lucky with good health despite a family history of heart disease) and am determined NEVER to take them! I may be wrong but perhaps you are reaping the result of your fairly high alcohol levels that you have been on over the years. The maximum you should have (as a male) is 3 units a day! That is 1.5 pints a day or 3 single malts! There is a school of thought that a 125 ml glass of red wine a day should be part of your healthy lifestyle (measure out 125 ml and see how SMALL that is!)

Are you on any other medication to help your arterial problems? Have you asked about interaction between those drugs and your statins? I agree that your GP has put you on statins because of your TIA - that is the usual outcome after a circulatory problem such as yours.

Best wishes for your tests and let us know the outcome. All good health to you

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Hi patch14,

Yes I agree with you re alcohol amount in the past, my sisters been telling me that for a long time. am now staying with 21 to 25 units max. when I was discharged from hospital was on warfarin for about 6 months, my consultant then changed me to Clopidogrol 75ml, been on those since. just maybe the satins and warfarin wernt suited to me?. I,ve not been on Ezetimibe long enough to get any results, will know in 3 to 4 weeks I guess. Many Thanks.

PS, weather is better now so back mountain biking which I love.

Good for circulation.

Hi, Don't worry if you don't meet all the NHS 'targets'! I think that there is some payment reward to doctors if they can record a high percentage of targets met. this was brought in to get less active doctors to give more care, but now used to boost essential practice funding!!

Before statins the target was 7! So much medicine is directed by protocol now, it takes courage to stand out and question if the treatments given are really suited to your own body. Keep asking questions and ask for reviews if you are not comfortable with any drug related outcome!

P.S. I cannot tolerate ANY of the prescribed drugs and now spend up to £40 a month on a group of alternative health products. Main problem is that they take about 6 MONTHS to kick in and are removed in a week or so if stopped for anaesthetics and the such.

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Hi, spats, yes I agree with you. this is what made me question the medication given to me, my son in law who is a pharmacist even told me yes got to be on statins + ultra low Cholestral. that is how I came across healthunlocked on the net. I am waiting for my delivery of Ubiquinol tablets, been told 1 to 2 tablets a day is a must.


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Hi Spats, Your remarks re, targets are exactly my feelings about the whole system. I had one of these Health checks that are being wheeled out to anyone who hasn't been a regular attender at the doctors and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I could almost feel the nurse awarding herself a bonus for getting another poor sucker trapped in the system. I feel I have been a pawn in the box ticking culture. Good that someone else agrees!


After a problem statatins are given as secondary medication.

My strong belief is that you should consider starting on a small value statin. Yes.there are side effects. I am on statin 20mg, started seven weeks ago, waiting for my blood test in June. This is to reduce cholesterol, primary medication. I did not want to go on mediction for cholesterol and BG, but after talking to family medial people took the decision to go on statin.

Two years ago went to life line screening, again this week, waiting for written report. This is value for money. The ultra sound tests gives a better understanding vto me of my problems. On NHS, waiting time. I like my single malts, few small glases at week ends, it is difficult to stop, I do not count the units. I am 67, still full time employed, yesterday I was in a meeting and the subject of age came up, 52?. I did a life style change two years ago, different food and go to the gym every weekend.

The number of ticks my mum gave me, when the time comes it will expire. Want to enjoy life as much as I can.

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Hi. bala.

Thanks for your comments, was on 40ml simvas, then 40 ml atovas. next was pravas down to reduced dose of 10ml, still very bad muscle pain, but as pointed out by patch 14 maybe the warfarin + statins was the cause.?

PS I don't drink spirits just beer, I like real ale, but I suppose at the end of the day its all alcohol.. I just cant get my head round the fact ive always been mad keen on biking etc, no better excersize for circulation.

Regards. Allyg.

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Alcohol disrupts metabolism, I'm afraid, and affects cholesterol levels. You may need to cut down further. Exercise will only help to counter the effects a little.

Hi allyg, do you do any weight bearing exercise, walking or jogging? A friend of mine who regularly rides horses for leisure and competition found out last year that she has osteoporosis at the age of 40!! She cannot believe that with all the exercise she has taken since childhood with her horses that her bones are like sponges!! Her GP told her it was because she did NO weight bearing exercise even though she was fit!!!! (Also she watched her weight - too much in think - and maybe her calcium levels weren't as good as they could have been growing up).


Hi Patch. Is it not more likely that your friend with the osteoporosis would have developed it anyway whatever she had done, or not done? I know little about it except that I suspect there is an element of it being inherited. I have no brothers or sisters myself but my father's sister had 3 daughters and a son and all 3 daughters and the son of one of them have osteoporosis and all take plenty of exercise, walking, cycling etc so are very fit. Know nothing about weightlifting. I have to assume it has been inherited from their father at least I don't have it, not yet anyway.

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I'm not sure of the usefulness of single cases; I weight-train and don't have osteoporosis, however it is common in my family. I think there are other things to consider too. Sugar is the worst offender for leaching minerals from the body, and all carbohydrate is turned to glucose in the body. I think it's appalling how many people suffer ill health as a result of following 'healthy eating' guidelines, thinking their ailments are hereditary, without considering how much of the 'food' they eat is inflicting yet more sugar and additives on their body.

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