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Multiple Sclerosis

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Hi there World 🌎 ☺ I have M.S. and Huntingtons and A.L.S. I now understand what happened to me in my world in '06 a year after my Mother died 💔 I was struck by what they medically refer to as M.S. now I believe my body attacked me when I was suffering in May of 06 the body attached me from my Mother's death 🙃

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Hi Cbotishere, nice to make your acquaintance. I don't doubt there has been a connection with your grief and the appearance of new symptoms and diagnoses. This is recognised by the medical profession, but I believe it deserves more research, because it makes sense to me that your mental well being is going to affect your physical health as well as vice versa! This is very challenging for you, and complex to deal with, so I hope that you are receiving good care and health advice. Take care!

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