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Tangled Wood Winter

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My posting for 'Off Topic Fridays'. I did some drawing this week, but decided what I really wanted to do was paint. I know this is out of season, but I really wanted to paint some tree trunks. For this small (8" by 8") painting, I was determined to have fun, so I used a plethora of materials and techniques, with: watercolour, white acrylic ink, clingfilm, Inktense in various colours, 8B water-soluble graphite pencil, white watercolour pencil, and white gouache. It took three days in total, and boy, was I happy! I hope you like it.

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I love the colours you have chosen. It must have been so fulfilling producing a painting. It really depicts a love of nature. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a good weekend and have time to do more painting.💕👍xx

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I really do like your painting BrentW and the colours are beautiful. It’s good when something works so well. Very fulfilling. Thank you for posting. Xxxx

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That is sublime BrentW. My favourite palette of colours! And the technique at which you excel! So pretty. I'd love to see this in my living room on an enormous canvas. Well done, it's beautiful! 🙏🙏👍👍

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BrentW in reply to Callendersgal

Wouldn't that be lovely. Unfortunately, oils and I are strangers to one another.

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FredaE in reply to BrentW

oils are very pongy and the colours a bit solid. water colouroracrylis give such a love ley effect.


Hi Brent that's so lovely you have a real skill for tree trunks I got given a calendar of Britain's countryside from.a charity shop we were in as they had big table full only few months left and some of the scenes really inspired me I been busy with my d I y just made another planter which I painted I pref wood look but the wood was out a skip and had paint on I have to oil my other planters that are wood made last year out of decking I painted one to match my steps as that was out a skip too I used to do lot woodwork but my thumbs are not dodgy have automatic d screwdriver too but don't like it slips out, I have been enjoying been creative in the garden maby in winter I'll start painting when I've painted my walls lol I'm.going to post it lol first time on here 🤗😺

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BrentW in reply to PixiesMummy_

Wow, you do sound to be busy. We put in some raised beds, but were late planting our seeds. I have so far had radishes from them. I am waiting for carrots and turnips. Why is everything growing so slowly this year?

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PixiesMummy_ in reply to BrentW

Hi Brent we had frost in April may and I bought my plants and had to pot them.on I kept indoors then planted them.out I think.its as the climates all up in the air and it's all changed, mam' grew veg last year but wasn't much of a turn out I think the grounds so dry even tho it's raining a lot as it's so hot in between here's mam's rasperries


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