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Friday rambling


Hi everyone,

I'm looking out on a really gloomy day here and yet the tree right outside my window is a vivid gold with its changing leaves. Autumn has some compensations.

I'm thinking of everyone who suffers badly from seasonal affective disorder and a dread of the short days and long winter nights, as we prepare to 'put the clocks back' this weekend. It's going to be a challenging winter in so many ways, for sure, so let's be determined to at least stay in touch here on HealthUnlocked for some support whenever it's needed.

This week I've been reading some of the jokes which a member of the Positive Wellbeing community often posts to cheer us up. One of his posts was bird jokes and this one really struck a chord with me. I found it a little bit funny but is also gave a message which is almost like a Zen koan. (Something with no direct answer, but to be pondered on).

Here's the joke:

An elderly woman bursts into a pet store. “I want to buy a canary, but it’s got to be a good singer! I don't mind the cost, but I'm only paying for a good singer.”

The shop owner begins moving a ladder towards a small cage on a shelf about 15 feet up, near the ceiling of the shop. “Ma'am, I’ve been in this business for 40 years and I've got the best singer I’ve ever heard in that cage.”

“Don't think I’m going to feel obligated to pay for something I don’t want, just because you’re climbing up a ladder. I do want a canary, but it’s got to be a singer.”

By this point, the shop keeper was coming down the ladder. “Ma’am, this bird is a veritable feathered Caruso!” He places the cage on the counter and the bird bursts into melody after melody.

Awed, the woman murmurs, “Why yes he is an amazing singer.” But then suddenly she yells “but this bird’s only got one leg!”

The pet store owner is unperturbed. “Madam, what was it you wanted? A singer or a dancer?”

And isn't it true that most of the time we want it all. We can focus so hard on that, that we don't recognise when we've been given what we really wanted. And we push for a perfection that often just doesn't exist?

Just a little something to consider.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and if nothing else that you enjoy an extra hour in bed between Saturday and Sunday as we end British Summer Time. Take care and stay safe.

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Hi Callendersgal, not a bad day here today and quite mild. Love to see the autumn colours but not looking forward to winter. Every winter is a challenge but this one may not be so bad in trying to keep Pete well as we won’t be doing much.

Loving the joke and lesson learned that nobody gets everything they want. Too true.

Have a great weekend all and stay safe and well. Lots of love. Xxx😘👍🌈

😁 Love the canary joke.

The sun is peeping through after a dreary morning.

I have read that even a few minutes outdoors helps you feel a bit better.

To pass the time I have started to listen to podcasts. You Tube have lots of free talking books to listen to on your phone.

I have sleeping problems but found a talking book helps me nod off.

Get annoyed if it's a good book 😁

CallendersgalModerator in reply to Lynd

Hi Lynd, Lovely to hear from you. Oh I do agree about audio books making you drop off! I had to give up my subscription to amazon's audiobooks as it got frustrating finding where I'd last heard a voice before unexpectedly going off to sleep. But I do still borrow the occasional free one from the online library. And I too have learned to love podcasts and am a fan of radio 4 which is also quite useful as a sleep aid, as well as being really informative and having lots of podcasts. I've not tried YouTube though, but I'll certainly take a look at those. Hope you and your husband are doing OK. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe! 🙏🌈🌺

Had a great day today going into town to do some jobs having to wear that wretched mask whilst in the shopping centres but I'm glad they are done now and I don't have to worry about them again.

After the jobs I went to bute park which is an arboretum for some fresh air and exercise which I enjoyed and the park looked absolutely gorgeous with the autumn leaves on the ground.

The city centre is different now as there weren't the lunchtime crowds coming out of the office buildings like there were before covid hit as most of them are working from home for now.

Originally we were going to have gone away for the weekend but that hasn't happened and although I was disappointed I am fine about it now and feel it's a blessing in disguise as we have been spared from having to wear those wretched masks when out and about and we have also saved money as well.

Perhaps when things are more stable we might restart the booked events.

Tonight dinner here is being delivered from a Turkish restaurant I have wanted to have gone to for ages so turning the disappointment into an appointment by looking at the opportunities it has brought to me.


As usual you are making the best of whatever comes your way catgirl1976. It's absolutely fine to feel disappointed when a treat or nice occasion doesn't happen, but when we've allowed ourselves a few minutes to adjust, it's great to adopt your way and bounce back and see the bright side.

I'm pleased you had such a good day today. Keep on doing what you do, and look to the future! I love the idea of Turkish food for dinner. You must let us know what it was that you had. Is Turkish food a favourite of yours? I've had a few Turkish dishes, in Turkey on holiday, and I especially enjoyed the street food and the mezze. Take care and have fun this weekend.

Tonight's dinner was calamari and salad along with bread and a mixed grill and rice which I really enjoyed and it was great value for money as well and we will be ordering from that restaurant again in the future.

CallendersgalModerator in reply to catgirl1976

Sounds delicious. Calamari can be tricky can't it, if it's not done right, so I'm glad it was nice! Yes, you should go for it again some time! 👍😊

Over our dinner last night myself and my friends feel that covid is a lesson to us all to be more grateful for things in the future and come to realise how we have lots of opportunities in life that others haven't no matter how big or small they are.

Yes I was angry last week over not getting offered a job yet but now I feel it's a blessing in disguise as I would rather go without and wait than be led to believe I'm getting offered a job only to have it taken away at the last minute which I find hurts a lot worse than going without and having to wait.

CallendersgalModerator in reply to catgirl1976

It’s a really tricky time now with jobs so take time to remember that you are important and you do matter and that one day just the right job’s going to come your way! 😊👍

One day it will it's just a matter of persevering with it.

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