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Friday rambling


Good morning everybody as we once again come near to the end of another week.

I hope that most of you at least, have had a good and not-too-challenging past week.

Personal news seems thin on the ground this week, except that my husband's been called forward for his vaccination on Saturday (tomorrow), so I'm very pleased about that, and I hope that some more of you will have had yours over the past few days too, to swell the numbers of us who are on their way to some protection from COVID-19.

I find myself here listening to Marlene Dietrich's Lili Marlene! Not intentional at all. Someone on another HU forum sent me a link to a YouTube song from the past and I've somehow become entangled in listening to some of the music of the 1940's. I must soon get back to the 21st century!

Today I'm posting a poem which I intended to share with you last Friday. It's by someone called Laura Ding-Edwards, whose work I'm unfamiliar with, but I found this poem, 'The Mountain' to be a bit of an inspiration to me. Maybe you'll find it so too! I didn't want to share it with you until I'd made sure that its original poster didn't mind my doing so, but she's a lovely lady and is very happy with that.


If the mountain seems too big today

then climb a hill instead

if the morning brings you sadness

it’s ok to stay in bed

If the day ahead weighs heavy

and your plans feel like a curse

there’s no shame in rearranging

don’t make yourself feel worse

If a shower stings like needles

and a bath feels like you’ll drown

if you haven’t washed your hair for days

don’t throw away your crown

A day is not a lifetime

a rest is not defeat

don’t think of it as failure

just a quiet, kind retreat

It’s ok to take a moment

from an anxious, fractured mind

the world will not stop turning

while you get realigned

The mountain will still be there

when you want to try again

you can climb it in your own time

just love yourself til then.

Laura Ding-Edwards 2019 ©

Hoping you'll all find a way to enjoy the coming weekend and that you are keeping your spirits up!

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Hello Callendersgal, good to hear from you today. Pete and I think this week has passed more slowly, don’t know why.

Our son (police officer) had his vaccination on Wednesday so that’s great and our son in law had his yesterday. I’m pleased for your husband too. Hope all goes well. I’m due mine on Tuesday.

A little decade hopping is fine. I sometimes listen to 60’s music.

The poem was brilliant so thank you for sharing that. I enjoyed reading it.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe all. Spirits are up and down but doing ok.

The care all. Xxx🌼🌺🌸🌹

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, Yes I agree with you and Pete that it was quite a slow week. I noticed it on an hourly and daily basis. Most days I'm rushing to catch up with myself but this week the evenings seemed awfully long. And whilst I had things I could have occupied myself with I was also really tired and didn't want to do much. So pleased your son had his first vaccination this week. I'm not sure there was any justification for not putting all emergency services out at the forefront and doing them in the first wave, but at least your son's had his! Not long till yours now, either. Glad you enjoyed the poem. I really was perked up by it. Totally agree about the musical decade hopping, but I think I lingered too long in the 1940s and began to think I was going to hear an air raid siren before long!

It is hard to keep spirits up all of the time, and therein lies the value of that poem I think. I hate that phrase 'it's OK to not be OK'. What does that really mean, I ask myself? But if it's that it's OK to feel down sometimes, then i completely agree! Take care and enjoy your weekend! (How's your daughter settling in her new home❓Hope all's going well)


sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, not just us then noticing days dragging. Ok don’t linger too long in the 40’s, move along a decade or two. Lol. 😀

I think it does mean it’s ok to feel down sometimes, so that’s alright.

Our daughters doing well thank you and loving the space. Our three year old grandson wants to go “home” though. Oh dear.

Have a good weekend. Xxx😘👍🌸💜💖❤️

Hi Sue, firstly what a nice poem .I hope that everything goes well for your Husband tomorrow with is first covid jab , have you had yours done yet I'm still waiting for mine . All my love to you and your family . Clive x 🤗

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Littleboy

Thank you Clive. Yes I thought the poem was lovely. I'll pass on your good wishes to my husband for tomorrow. He's excited to be having his a little early because of his diabetes. I hope you get good news about yours soon too. (I have had mine too, about three weeks ago). I'm sure you'll be just as pleased when your turn comes and I hope you'll hear something soon. 🙏🌈😊

Thank you for the lovely poem Callendersgal. I have sent it to a few family members who are feeling a bit down at present. We are enjoying all the pics and videos of our lovely new grandson Jacob. 😁 Enjoy your weekend everyone xxx


I'm glad you enjoyed the poem Goldenanny and hope it's a little bit of comfort to your family members feeling a bit down. I am guessing that probably doesn't include you, with such an exciting reason to be cheerful right now. It's such a pity you can't have that cuddle yet, but it's out there waiting to be had, hopefully one day soon, and many others in the future! 👍🔆


Best of luck to your hubby for his jab!

Good news here in Wales as from yesterday we can meet up to 4 people from 2 different households outdoors for exercise and today I enjoyed an inner city walk with my sister in law.

Baby the cat is well and looking forward to her 17th birthday in April!

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