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Friday Rambling


Hello again all,

We've arrived at the end of our first week of 2021 and almost a full week of lockdown in UK, and I hope this ramble finds you all feeling OK both physically and mentally. Covid figures are astoundingly high and it's now really common to know of a friend or relative who has fallen victim to this awful virus.

So for anyone who is worried about themself or for loved ones, I'm sending out extra special good wishes for safely coming out on the other side.

I've been fine with lockdown itself this week. I wouldn't be doing much more than in a usually cold week in January. In my opinion it's a great time to be told to stay indoors. I marvel at the huge number of people going out for exercise and fresh air because I've always thought that human beings should have a period of hibernation during January!

We'd probably all mention the bigger things which get us through hard times, like the love of friends and family, faith, or technology that helps us to stay in touch. But I've been thinking about the really small things that keep me happy during this vexing time in life when things are so altered from our norm.

Chocolate has to be right up there as my number one. I'm thinking of when I was a child in the very early 1950's and it was rationed. I was the only person in our household who had a very tiny ration of milk chocolate. The youngest of 4, I was always very popular on ration collecting day! Now I can really go overboard if I choose. (Sorry doc!)

Tea and coffee. How many times in life has a cuppa felt like a lifesaver. To a Brit it is offered as a general panacea for all ills and our famous 'stiff upper lips' are probably developed via the Yorkshire tea that must surely course through our veins instead of blood.

Laughter or a good cry. Thank goodness I can let those emotions out. I find it easy to enjoy a good joke or conversely a really good blub. And I seem to be able to do both in equal measure at the moment.

There are so many other trivial things which are so cheering in life, but I'll end with pets. They can be funny, infuriating, disdainful (if they are cats), and adoring if they are dogs, but in all their many forms they offer us entertainment and an ear or paw when there isn't a human hand or a hug available.

I'm wondering what little things contribute daily to your peace of mind?

Picture: Rumman Amin , Unsplash

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Yes one week down and some more to go. How many more? Who knows. Pete and I are doing well and keeping going. Covid figures are very high here so we’re happy to stay home.

I’m worried about the fact that our youngest son lives here and goes to work. He’s being very careful of course but this new variant is very transmissible. I’m just hoping all will be well. Vaccines on the way at some point.

It is the little things that keep us going. A FaceTime call with family, seeing the frost on the roof tops and cars and of course chocolate. Luckily we have quite a lot.

Tea and coffee also keep us going and I quite enjoy some daytime tv.

Thank you Callendersgal for your lovely post. Have a great weekend everyone. Take care and stay safe. Xxxx🙏🏻👍💜🥶

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, I completely understand your fear for your son. Hubby continues to have to work too but at least there are now minimal students back at university which helps a bit. They had been asked already not to return, but as usual....... For police officers it's not possible to avoid some very risky interactions with the public and it beggars belief that they aren't at present in the essential workers list, so no priority for vaccination.

Thinking of you all sassy59. This is a perilous time so I know you'll continue to do as much as possible to stay safe and well. Enjoy your weekend too! 🌈💖🙏😊xxx

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you for your very kind reply Callendersgal and I’m just getting on with things. Take care xxx🙏🏻😘💜

Along with chocolate (in small quantities) and tea in copious amounts, I am enjoying Somatic movement which is small mindful stretches with yoga breathing. This is mainly done lying down on a mat but with a short period standing. Also, I love getting lost in a good book.


CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to klr31

Hi Karen, that sounds really good and something that even lazy old me would actually enjoy doing! Oh yes, I'd forgotten a book as therapy. I love to lose myself in a good one! Thanks for reminding me! Take care and I hope you have a good weekend!🙏🌈💖👍

klr31 in reply to Callendersgal

Thanks. You too. Karen x

sassy59Ambassador in reply to klr31

That sounds really good Karen. It must be quite relaxing. Xxx

klr31 in reply to sassy59

It is. Kx

I'm enjoying my daily walks and went this morning nice and early, lots of cups of tea and hot chocolate, listening to music, keeping in contact with friends regularly, Baby the cat and her demanding meows for treats, hubby and my sister in law, reading I enjoy and watching films and chocolate bars themselves!

What I refuse to do is sit in the apartment rotting in anger and resentment because the usual things aren't happening that I enjoyed.

Reevaluating what's important and what isn't and most things aren't really important is what I found out.

Hope Kasar is well!

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to catgirl1976

You're doing marvellously catgirl1976 and it not only lifts your spirits but ours too to find out that you have found the way to coping!💖🙏👍😊

sassy59Ambassador in reply to catgirl1976

That sounds great catgirl. I like your stoicism and refusal to give up. Xxx

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