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A Friday rambling


Hi everyone,

It's been quite a scary week I think and I've been feeling very unsure about everything. Lockdown was easy by comparison. Rules were clear and mostly unequivocal. We could all see what we had to do, and the wisest of us have done exactly that.

But now comes uncertainty. I know we can't be locked down forever and somehow we have to get economies moving again, but we all know it's at much greater risk.

When locked down, I really felt a longing to be able to go out and find a nice green place in which to take a walk. Now I can do so, I find I don't want to do it, and I wouldn't mind betting there are a lot of others who can't face it either. It must be doubly bad for anyone who has been ordered back to work and who has to use public transport, for example.

I think it would be total madness for anyone with real concerns for their own health or the health of those they care for, to consider anything but remaining safe right where they are, and absolutely so for anyone who is being shielded.

For the rest of us it's going to involve a process of gauging the risk and taking every possible precaution to try not to become a statistic. It's tough. I think there will have to be an element of bravery in going out there.

But anyway, I hope we can find our way as safely as possible through this next phase and I hope that all of you and your loved ones, (especially those you are caring for) will manage to remain safe and well.

And please have as good a weekend as you can.

Very best wishes. 🙏🌈

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I completely agree Callendersgal! Even when we can go out I feel I really won’t want to. I’ve ordered masks for when that time comes but even so....there’s no rush.

We’re shielding until mid June but probably longer. Pete’s keener to go out than I am. It’s all such a mess and I feel for those having to work and those without a job to go back to.

Enjoy your weekend. Xxxx

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It is a mess sassy59, but alas a mess we are all going to have to go through! The challenge of our lifetime I suppose! 😞 Well, you just keep Pete reined in! Good job he has you watching his back.....🙏😊

Take care and have a good weekend too...xxx

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Thank you. Pete has to do as he’s told. Xxxx

We will be carrying on as before.

What has happened is we now have choices. We are lucky as we are both retired now and not having to worry about jobs.

A lot of people are between a rock and a hard place. They will feel they have to go to work to earn a wage.

For us we will be very choosy about any activity we do..

It is a lot like Groundhog day.

We are going to have to live with this for a long time.

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Very wise Lynd. We’re staying at home and staying safe. Xxxx

I like 2 sneak out for a short walk or bike ride down the road & back although I've got ILD. But I go masked out to the hilter & keep my head down & speak to no one to avoid potentially infected air droplets

Thank you for such a good summary of things, it fits how I feel although it sometimes hard to convince Roy that he must stay in. With the Alzheimer’s he understands when I tell him about the pandemic but does. It retain the information. He cannot seem to grasp the magnitude of the problem but we carry.

Best wishes and prayers to all for the weekend.

X x

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Hi Katie19, I totally understand your struggle to make Roy fully aware of what this pandemic is. My sister is having the same problem. Thinking of you at this very challenging time, and sending very best wishes.🙏

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