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Friday Rambling

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Good morning fellow members. It's Friday again, in case anyone needs a reminder.

I can't believe we're about to enter May, on several counts. One of which is the darned weather in UK at the moment!

I feel I’ve been in rehab this week.

Physically I’ve tried to walk a little more, and have tried to leave the house every day if possible, at least for a short walk to get myself moving again, after making lockdown excuses for weeks and weeks for not going out.

I knew I must be seizing up with so little exercise but it’s quite ridiculous how hard it seemed to be to put one foot in front of the other each time, and I found muscles I’d long forgotten I had.

By Wednesday I was ready to try my next challenge which was to visit the city centre by bus. I was glad I did it. I made sure to keep my mask well up and carried plenty of hand sanitiser. Funny how even the smallest routines seemed odd though, like checking before leaving home to make sure I had my bus pass with me, and where to tap it on the bus.

It was fun to go into one or two shops and not have to rely on on-line shopping, and I found some craft supplies to buy so I was happy. I wasn’t interested in anywhere which had queues to get in, but most places were surprisingly un-busy anyway.

Hubby was with me and we decided we’d also try to have coffee out if we could.

It was challenging finding seating, but we eventually did. Can anyone tell me though, why, from having clear blue sky overhead, within five minutes of sitting down and ordering, a large dark cloud appeared right above us and rained on us while we were waiting for our order. Was it me or was the barista being extra slow? We were getting drenched and we eventually had to take our order and run to find shelter to drink it. All we could do was laugh at our bedraggled selves.

Yesterday we had supermarket shopping to do and again I called on my reluctant legs to carry me there. Coming home, hubby asked if I’d like ice-cream at the ice-cream parlour. This is hubby-speak for “I want an ice cream. Please say you want one too” Honestly the day was freezing, but although ice cream was the last thing I wanted, I agreed, as he’s had no treats for ages.

At this point though, I finally established that outside eating is perhaps not for me at those temperatures! I’d bought a couple of casual tops while shopping and found myself rummaging in their bag, putting them both on over my other clothes, and sat with teeth chattering, like a cross between the Michelin man and Nanook of the North, trying to look as though ice-cream was the best idea to come out of the day!

Goodness only knows how so many people seem to be enjoying outside lunches and drinks. I shan’t be joining them again or picnicking in the park until at least August!

But seriously, weather aside and all in all it was really a pleasant feeling to just take some tiny steps back to a bit of normality!

This post's very 'me' focused, so how about letting us know what you've all been doing this week, and how you are all feeling now that lockdown has eased a little?

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Off to an interview shortly for 11.50am and I am walking there and back as its good for me.

Just come back from a short walk round the neighbourhood that I did to help calm me down and pass the time waiting rather than sitting in sorry for myself.

That's it build up slowly and at your own pace when going out and about!

Last week at Primark in the city centre there was a queue so we had decided on giving that one a miss which we did as it wasn't anything urgent or important we needed from there so on we went!

Yesterday morning was a quiet morning for me when I took some time for myself and asked the question which seems a bit stupid why the anger and resentment towards my abusive family and I wrote loads down over an hour which I found helped and there was a theme that was constant about the lack of respect for other peoples right to make their own choices and I had kept writing perhaps a particular thing wasn't right for me however it is my right to make my own choices about my life and that they should be respected.

Point is we all have free will and are entitled to make our own choices without being criticised at every turn!

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Bests in reply to Catgirl1976

Hi i just read your post and i have had abuse from my family all my life. A violent father and two controlling elder sisters. Five years ago I decided to chop off the dead wood after trying to stand up for myself and just getting knocked back and bullied. Today I am so much stronger. I have some lovely friends and two really lovely grown up children.. You don't have to take this nonsense from anyone. Good luck 🙏🤗

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Bests

I have decided I will stay away from them after that carry on a couple of weeks ago when they were rude to me when I had to ring them directly to see what was going on and got the news then and was rushed off the phone with excuses and it felt like an office door had been slammed in my face!

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Bests in reply to Catgirl1976

I know the feeling iv had this in the past. You are honestly better off with out them in your life. You will feel and be stronger as a person once you realise this.. Good luck 🍀

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Bests

For a long time what I have been doing is only getting in contact in the rare event that I really really have nothing better to do and would have carried that on if that hadnt have happened that Sunday 2 weeks ago when I rang up to see what was going on rather than get told that kind of news by beep beep as if I hadn't have rung that would have happened for given that news by beep beep which in my view is rude and disrespectful and letting people know that someone's died merits a face to face conversation or a voice call not beep beep!

My sister in law said how that kind of behaviour merits a cutoff and I had said that I had needed time to think things through as after that happened I was too angry to be thinking rationally and how I would decide on a cutoff when I had calmed down and was thinking more clearly.

Now I have had time to think it over and have calmed down I feel that yes a cutoff is warranted as that kind of behaviour like that Sunday wasn't very nice so good riddance to them and it's their loss as the end of the day!

I deserve better and do feel that rude behaviour towards me that Sunday was a gift as it was the final blow which made me decide after calming down that yes a complete cutoff is warranted.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Bests

Well done Bests. Xxxx🥰👍

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

Once again best of luck for your interview today Catgirl1976. Hope you are successful this time! 👍

If it's meant for me it won't go by me but any interview is great experience as long as you learn from it.

Experiences are only wasted if nothing is learned from them!

Like I said to Mandy on the other board about houses if that one's meant for her it won't go by her same as with me years ago when I was house hunting and kept being disappointed and how time has passed by I'm glad I was as I would have hated those places and went somewhere that was right for me same as Mandy will when the times right for her.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

It's true that often just the right job comes along or the right house and by a stroke of good fortune you find each other!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Good luck to you Catgirl. Hope all goes well for you. Xxx

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Good morning Callendersgal, good to read your post as always.

It’s rather cloudy and chilly here and looks a bit like rain.

I’ve also been walking a bit more and can’t believe how out of breath I feel. I must do more to build up my stamina. Catgirl is right when she mentions walking is good for you.

Well done to you for using the bus but I really don’t think I could have eaten ice cream. 🥶Way too chilly. Sounds like you had a good time even though you got drenched. We’re not ones for eating:drinking alfresco I must admit.

Pete wants to get a Mini. We’re borrowing our daughter in laws Countryman today to see how we feel. The BMW is too big really.

We had our shopping delivery today so that was good. I’ve become quite used to that now.

I must admit we do feel a bit better about going out now so we’re getting braver. Our daughter has her first jab next Friday so fingers crossed for her.

Have a fab weekend everyone and enjoy the Bank holiday. Xxx🌈🤗💖👍

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Best of luck to your daughter for her first jab and reassure her that it doesn't hurt as mine didn't!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Thank you Catgirl, I think she’s a bit worried about having any reaction as she’s a busy mum of two. I’m sure all will be well though. Xx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

More than likely she will be fine as I was bar a headache and tiredness the day after which soon went away!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

That’s very reassuring thank you Catgirl. Xx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to find myself struggling to walk! I think the thing is to do little and often to begin with. Further to that thing with using the bus, while I was out today, for the first time I saw two buses with Sorry Bus Full as they were heading towards town! I hadn't stopped to consider that one day buses would get busy again and that they'd have to restrict stops when full! That'll be unfortunate for anyone living well down on the route of a popular bus. I think I'd better get super-fit and be prepared to walk to town!I hope the test drive with the Mini will prove to be a success today. I think Pete's really sensible to think about car size and it's so lucky that you have access to your daughter-in-law's Countryman, so you can try one out properly.

Hubby O'Neil has just had notification to book his second covid injection and he was so pleased, so he's all booked in for a week tomorrow. We're all moving forwards and it is as well to try and make ourselves a bit brave. It's not surprising that it can feel really odd after having to be so careful for so long.

Looks as if the weather's going to be of the traditional British bank holiday variety, doesn't it? Don't even mention ice-cream to me sassy59! I don't know what possessed O'Neil to want it in what feels like an arctic climate at the moment! 🤣

Enjoy your weekend! xxx💖🌸

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Ah, a snag, having to think about buses being full. Great for the Bus Company though.

I’m glad O’Neil has his second jab booked. Our eldest son has his second jab booked for a week today. I’ll be glad when our youngest son gets his first jab as he lives here.

Weather due to be cold and wet over the weekend. Definitely too chilly for ice cream.

Have as good a weekend as possible. Xxx❤️💜🌺🌹

Lovely post Sue, your right about the weather up North we have central heating on and wake up to frost but lot you say it's nice just to get out and about. Clive X 🤗

I feel very strongly about how life is for living not hiding away!

However I feel that quiet time at home can be great for you as long as its your own free choice and it's done for the right reasons not just to hide away from the outside world as you are frightened!

I do enjoy my quiet time at home as long as it's my own free choice and done for the right reasons rather than forced on me out of fear!

I certainly agree with you my friend, I have been hiding away myself because of my circumstances but I'm getting stronger each day . Clive X 🤗

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Littleboy

Hi Clive, good to hear from you. It's absolutely 'taters' isn't it? (Do you use that saying in the North?) I guess you might not as it has its origins in Cockney rhyming slang. It means it's blooming cold anyway! I'm sure the heating's needed and I heard something on TV this morning about their having been 40 days in succession of frosts! Come on summer! Take care Clive x

relieved honestly

Good Morning and welcome to the month of May. My mother never liked May as it reminded her of the blitz in Liverpool which she said was a nightmare!

Lovely to hear everyone is taking small steps to normality 😊 I’ve had a mixed week happy and sad! We’ve been walking pushing the pram of our lovely new grandson Jacob. He is thriving at 10 weeks and is adorable 🥰

I’ve done some gardening as my potted holly bushes turned yellow so I’ve repotted them and fed them as I’ve had no trouble with them in ten years 🤷‍♀️I’ve also been able to speak to friends at the leisure centre whilst Lane Swimming so that was a good feeling

The sad day was trying to clear out my sister’s lovely sheltered accommodation flat with the help of my daughter as it contained so many personal items precious to her but most have had to go to charity as her room in the Nursing Home is very compact. I’ve had to bring hundreds of photos home to sort through as she wants some sending to relatives in the USA which are not digital. My daughter was a great help as she kept asking was an item necessary to keep which proved very difficult.

Anyway, the furniture is next which will be going to a refugee charity but it just seems so sad that a loving sister’s past memories and life are packed away into boxes. 🥲 it was very upsetting.

My sister seems happy at the Nursing Home and is safe and well and that is our priority as she has had 14 hospital admissions during Covid and two broken arms due to bad falls. I just hope she will continue to be happy and we will be able to take her on outings when June releases everyone from Covid as she lives 50 miles away.

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Hi Goldenanny,Well we have the month of May now and just need May weather to follow!

Thanks for this update on your week and I'm sure it's been pure pleasure to be pushing little Jacob around in his pram. Not too long now and you'll be free and clear for all those kisses and cuddles which I'm sure you're longing for.

So sad about having to clear out your sister's flat. All those treasured possessions and many with so many memories attached. But it has to be faced, and I guess that it's at least a blessing that she has family to have done it for her, rather than strangers. I always find that extra sad. At least your sister is safe where she is too, and has lovely family who are going to continue to care about her wellbeing. The last years of life can be very troublesome with all sorts of challenges but it sounds as if you've done all that can be done, to keep your sister safe and as happy as possible.

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