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Friday Rambling


Hi everyone,

What sort of week have you had? Mine's been exceptionally quiet and I think I've had some 'cabin fever' and a great big dose of 'can't be bothered'. But trying hard to snap out of it.

One thing I'd like to raise this morning is staying safe within the community of HU as a whole. We had one of our much loved members post of his distress this week after communicating outside of the forum which had gone wrong for him.

Of course it's everyone's personal decision how much trust to place in someone else but we do advise withholding as much personal information as possible, even in the in-house private message (chat) function, so that we can protect you more if things don't go as planned.

The news this week is that my sister and brother-in-law got their second covid vaccinations. It was quite an undertaking for my sister, (still recovering from her recent severe accident), and her dementia suffering husband to get to their appointment, but she managed, realising what a vital chance it is to become safer from covid and to hopefully allow for some more personal freedoms as soon as possible. I'm beginning to be anxious to go and get mine soon too, though it's not quite my turn yet, so I must be patient.

If I had to pick one personal quality I'd like to improve, it is my patience. I don't think mine is the worst in the world, but I do sometimes reach the end of my tether much quicker than I would like.

What about all of you? How patient are you?

Anyway, here we are on the doorstep of the weekend again. I'm hoping to get outdoors to some extent at least, as if nothing else, it will probably go a long way towards alleviating my cabin fever.

Take care and I hope you have a good one folks!

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Hi Callendersgal,

Can I be personal and say how much I like your new photo? Good to see you looking so colourful.

My week has been fairly quiet too and we’ve not been out. Part of me wants to get out and about but part of me doesn’t. I’ve not had my 2nd vaccine yet either.

I’m finding it hard to be motivated to do anything much but I really must try. Yesterday I felt shattered for no reason whatsoever.

I’m pleased for your sister and brother-in-law and it’s good to know they’re protected now. I can’t wait for my jab and am very impatiently waiting. I’m definitely not a patient person at all.

I would urge everyone to remain safe on HU and to lock posts so they remain within the community. It’s awful if things go wrong and cause upset to anyone.,

Have a good weekend Callendersgal and everyone. Hope the sun shines on you all.

I’ll try sitting out in the garden this weekend.

Stay safe all. Xxx🥰😘

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Of course you can be personal sassy59 and thank you! For mothers' day my daughter posted a collage of some of the fun things we'd done together and that one was among them. (I was pretty impressed with it myself, as somehow I'd never seen it before. So of course it had to be my new profile pic! (What's that sound I hear? It must be the angels singing 'You're so vain'! 🤣)I hope you get some nice weather so you can go out and enjoy the garden. It is harder and harder to be motivated. For three days now I've been trying to motivate myself to do some crafting. Last night I half-heartedly got out my supplies to do a little art journalling while watching TV. I applied a stamp to my project which over inked, spoiled the whole page and pretty much the whole journal by leaching through to all the other pages! 😔🤨😡😡. I think I need to find myself a garden.......

What ever you do decide to do over the weekend sassy59, I hope it'll be a happy one and that we can both find a bit of motivation! 😆 xxx 👍🙏🌈🌸💖

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

What a lovely idea your daughter had for Mother’s Day, really great. Vain? You? Never! 🤣😇l think we’re going out for a ride this afternoon which is nice. Such a lovely day out there.

Sorry to hear about your art journal being spoilt 😱hope it can be rescued.

I will try harder to get motivated and hope you do too.

Have a lovely weekend. 😀💐🌹👍🌻

I've had to learn patience with having a long-term physical health condition which limits me. My husband has it too - it's how we met 24 years ago this year. Life has been - and is - challenging but we cope and muddle through somehow. My hubby has his first vaccination tomorrow evening so I'm really hoping it doesn't knock him back too badly. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you can get out to enjoy some sunshine.

Take care.

Karen x

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to klr31

You'll have to give me some lessons in patience Karen! I think it's lovely when two people meet and help each other through all their challenges so congratulations on having such a great relationship for so long! Have a great weekend too! 👍

klr31 in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you. Xx

sassy59Ambassador in reply to klr31

Thinking of your husband for tomorrow evening Karen. It’s great you have each other. Take care xxxx

klr31 in reply to sassy59

Thank you, sassy59. Xx

sort of busy - i ve had a couple of walks to the bottom of the road & back without it raining -but my knees & legs & knees hurt afterwards Played a few games of skittles & marbles in my personal bowling arcade (aka my hall) lol

My mum bought me the wrong curry on thursday -she came back with a chicken tikka biriyani (thats the one without sauce) -which i dont like (not on purpose) - she saw tikka & automatically thought it was masala & picked it up -so she collected it -went to sainsburys & got a korma & some potato curry& I did myself a mushroom, potato & spinach curry as a start witrh a chipatti) then extended the microwave curry with onion & pepper -warmed up the curry & added it to the onion & pepper & served it up with the rice it came with

Doing my roast tonight - green veg is going to be spinach for a change

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Sara_2611

Glad you worked out something with the curry and hope the roast turned out well. It’s good to get out if you can Sara. Good for you. Enjoy your weekend. Xxx

Sara_2611 in reply to sassy59

cheers sassy59

My motivation to do anything has reached rock bottom.We have got Netflix now so we have plenty of films to watch.

Need to get out more.

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Lynd

Thank goodness for the movies Lynd!

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Lynd

Mine too Lynd. We definitely need to get out more. Onwards and upwards. Xxx

FredaE in reply to Lynd

Everyone I talk to seems to be suffering this lack of,......,what? Motivation, joie de vivre. I think so many people's futures are not what they thought and hoped in so many ways and so many unsettling things going on. Worry is very infectious. Someone must be happy but even the daffodils aren't working their usual magic here . Possibly because there are not enough people to pick them. You look at the bright yellow fields and think how lovely, but of course you are looking at disaster because they have to be picked in bud if you are going to sell them. Its backbreaking workand not well enough paid especially when you can hardly stand up from the previous day.

Still better than picking sprouts in the winter!!! At one time we used to drive through the Bedfordshire sprout fields to see my inlaws. Rows of `bent figures wrapped up against the cold looming out of the fog. I think that maybe when I learned that there is always someone else worse off than you are. Makes my fingers ache to think about it.

I hate the things but they were V's favourite vegetable so I bought the cut stems and put them in water. You have to saw the bottom off every couple of days or they rot and make the water stinky but then you get fresh every day if you pick from the botom up. and a stalk can last for a month if you can get them freshly cut.

Oh a garden is such a help. The only up beat person I know is my daughter in france who has a tiny concrete yard and now the builders have gone and taken their things with them, (its an old house in a beautiful town), she is surviving their curfew by planning its transformation to a little paradise. I might even see it one day

The blacbird is singing outside and I am goingback to bed for a snooze so I shall let him get on with it. FredaE

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

I agree Freda and feel that for me personally, my life is just passing by and I can’t seem to slow it down. I’m always on the inside looking out yet I know I’m luckier than most so I’m not complaining.

I love sprouts but wouldn’t want to pick them. My dear mum used to overcook them but that never put me off.

Wishing your daughter well in France and hope you do get to see her home one day.

Enjoy your weekend. Xxx🤗

Just when I thought things were improving for my sister, she has broken the same arm again within a matter of months. She has now been moved from a residential home to a lovely nursing home. She trapped her hand in a fire exit door so her arm is now in plaster 🤷‍♀️

My sister should have had her second Pfizer vaccine a few weeks ago and I am worried she has to wait a further few weeks as supplies are supposed to be low in the area where she lives ??

The press says differently! It was delayed for her as she has spent so much time in hospital where the NHS will not give the vaccines to inpatients. Her first vaccine was mid December 2020!

She is 77 years old and endured a terrible year since the bleed on her brain last March 2020. I think we are coming to decision time when we will have to give notice for her lovely sheltered accommodation flat as she would not be able to cope when left alone. It has been really difficult for her to lose her independence as she was a nurse and carer herself and is sometimes quite stubborn and angry about that!

I just hope and pray this horrible situation will come to an end this year and we don’t have to relinquish our freedom much longer. I still go for a one hour walk most days and this keeps me reasonably fit and happy seeing different faces when passing by. Take care and keep safe and well everyone 😘 🥰xxx

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Goldenanny

So sorry to hear about your sister and I hope she recovers well and gets her second jab. It’s important that happens. She’s had quite a year hasn’t she.

Let’s hope we can all start getting together with family and friends safely very soon.

Stay safe xxx🙏🏻🥰👍

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Goldenanny

Hi Goldenanny, So sorry to hear about the ongoing problems with your sister. It must be such a worry for you, but I'm glad to hear you say that her nursing home is lovely.That's quite a predicament with the second vaccine dose and to be sure to stay protected it sounds as if she should have her second injection now. If you haven't already, I'd definitely ask some questions of her nursing home management to see what the plan is, but please don't worry unduly about the Pfizer vaccine. Second doses of all vaccines have been protected, so as long as your sister is known about, I'm confident she will get her second vaccination soon. But I'd say definitely stay on the case with those who have her daily care as their responsibility in the nursing home. She's had such a desperately horrible time, poor love. I hope things will turn around soon for her.

I think that many of us are desperately fed up now. I feel as though I'm always being offered 'jam tomorrow', but that the bread I'm eating today is pretty stale! Let's indeed hope for some real freedoms soon! Meantime I'm sure that an hour's walk a day is really helpful in keeping spirits up. Keep up the good work! Take care and keep safe! 🙏🌸

I think this year is so much about different goal dates , it’s so difficult to be patient . I had my first vaccination , second one in April . It is very much , well I could do this now , but I’d better wait for my second and then there is antibody build up time afterwards. So my local shops will need to wait before I go to them I think . It has been quite chilly , so I haven’t been into my garden so much yet , I do walk around it every day , feed the birds and top up the hedgehogs feed bowl . We have been waiting so long to do what were normal things , motivation is difficult . Not that we were out much anyway with husbands illnesses , but he did have his hospice day and that gave us both a different day .

I never feel as if I have caught up with anything and another week has gone by , sign of the times I think .

I do have some afternoon time crafting and enjoy that , I listen to an audio book as well at the same time .

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Daisy55

Thanks for your lovely chatty post Daisy55. I think lots of us are now looking forward to that second injection. It's odd, isn't it, to be so longing for an injection, but so much rides on having it in helping us back to a more usual way of life!Your interests sound very like mine except that, much as I love an audio book, it's the best cure for insomnia I've ever had, so I have to listen to those when bright eyed and bushy tailed! It makes me happy to think of you feeding the birds and topping up the hedgehogs' feed bowl. I'd love to have a little garden of my own and be able to do that. Little things mean such a lot at the moment.

It's true that for caregivers lockdowns haven't always been so different from daily life, as many find it difficult to get out and about at the best of times.

It's good to hear that you sound cheerful and busy anyway. An inspiration to us all! 👍😊🌸

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Daisy55

Hoping things improve for us all Daisy. It will be good to get the second vaccinations done and feel safer. Mine should be in May.

Enjoy your weekend and hope the sunshine helps warm things up a little.

Take care xxxx

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