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Monday roundup


Hi everyone,

Yet another week begins and I hope it finds you all OK and coping with all of your various challenges. Has anyone been able to take advantage of the small lifting of lockdown by getting out into a green space? I really want to do it myself, but only safely, and I'm challenged to find places which won't be the potential destination of many other people too. (The drawback of living in a very overcrowded small island I suppose). There must be locations out there, and maybe the time will come when I can explore a bit and find somewhere quiet enough.

I'm finding myself hit by inertia at the moment. Very 'can't be bothered-ish' and my mission this week is to waken myself up a bit and get a routine going again.

That's probably not a problem for active carers. They always have too much to do!

We've had several posts on the forum this week and replies from some of you, so it's good to know you are all still out there and checking periodically in case anyone needs help with a problem.

So, anyway, hope you all get off to a good start to the new week and that you all remain safe and well.

Very best wishes to you all.

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I was talking to another carer about what we had learned from MSA Three resolutions for you.

Do it now. If you can still do it later you can always do it again.

Why not??It is so easy to miss opportunities for ever

Things may be so bad that you can do nothing to make it better but you can ALWAYS manage to make it worse.

in reply to FredaE

Well said Freda. Grab every opportunity you can, while you can. Nothing lasts forever.

Stay safe and well. Xxxxx

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What sound truths those are Freda£! 👍👍


A beautiful day here today and I too am trying to be more motivated than I have been of late. I’ll put the duster round upstairs and then go into the garden.

Not going out as yet as Pete is shielding until mid June at least. It’s rather busy out though by all accounts so we’re happy to be safe at home.

Love and good wishes to all. Xxxx💖🌈

A lovely morning here.

I think many people have lost confidence to go out.

We are staying as we were for now.

I think we have to assess any plans for going out. Basically it's working out for ourselves what is relatively safe.

I do have shopping delivered but I drove up to the little Tesco yesterday and it was a nightmare. Most people in there were not keeping there distance. I desperately needed a few items but don't think I will bother doing that again. I have bought some home made masks. Very pretty.

At least if you cough or sneeze you won't be sending all your germs everywhere.

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I so agree aboout judgement. Some science is counterintuitive and shold be listened to but mainly it is about taking a sensible attitude in the light of our own situation.I was reading that the hidden problem is the size of the droplets. It is obvious that you want to avoid heavy droplets which is why we distance but when they dry in the air they shrink and become so small that it is dificult to find a filter fine enough to keep them out. This means to me that fresh air - and a bit of wind must be good but aircon recirculating dry air in a confined space must be something to avoid.

well the weather is looking a bit dodgy here in middleton manchester & Ive had an operation on my mouth & stitched up so ive been told i cant take exsessive excersise so when the weather warms up & the sun comes out I'm going to take my deckchair round the back of my house & take my music & sleep in the sun

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